SEL Layer 13: Ego

Lain finally has things figured out now, but do you? Realizing that she has been the cause of all the turmoil, she makes the ultimate sacrifice. What does that mean about her in the end? Read the questions and the discussion page on and at, then post your own response here!

SEL Layer 12: Landscape

Lain thinks that she has figured everything out. We se her now interacting with her friends confidently. However, Arisu is quite troubled, and she manages to change Lain’s mind about the need for a body. Read the questions at, and write a response to this episode here!

SEL Layer 11: Infornography

In this episode, Lain immerses herself into the Wired. Even so, she seems unwilling to give in completely to Eiri’s ideas.  The montage performs more than one function. Not only does it serve as a recap, but it also highlights certain themes. Read the questions at, and write a response to this episode here!

SEL Layer 10: Love

What’s love got to do with it? Apparently quite a bit in this episode. Lain will have a difficult time figuring out who to trust as so many characters are professing love for her. What do they mean by their admissions? How does it change your understanding of the relationship between Lain and the other characters?…

SEL Layer 9: Protocol

Now that Lain has been testing her abilities, she has learned more about her world, and about her place in it. However, there are still things going on that cannot be easily explained. A lot of information is given in this episode. Remember that science fiction is a genre of setting. What does the information…

SEL Layer 5: Distortion

Lain’s sister Mika is having a hard time during this episode. What do you think is causing it? Is it Lain? What do you think the doll meant when she told Lain that there isn’t anything she doesn’t know? What does that mean about Lain? Please look at the discussion questions for this episode at…

SEL Layer 4: Religion

Lain has changed a lot in this episode. Just look at the state of her room! She seems to be more outgoing with her friends and is even talking to more people on the internet. It is common for people at this time of life to explore and develop their social skills. Lain, however, seems…

SEL Layer 3: Psyche

This week my students at Northlake watched episode three of Serial Experiments Lain, “Layer 3: Psyche.” In this episode, we see the culmination of the event at the club. Lain ends up at the police station. When she gets home, she does not find her parents there. In the morning, she finds her mother in…

SEL Layer 2: Girls

Today, my Northlake students watched the second episode of Serial Experiments Lain, “Layer 2: Girls.” In this episode, Lain’s friends get her to go out to a club for the first time. Another character get’s high on a strange drug. This is one of my favorite episodes because we start to get an inkling that…

SEL Layer 1: Weird

My Northlake students watched the first episode of Serial Experiments Lain called “Layer 1: Weird.” I am sure they found the title of the episode fitting. The first episode begins with the suicide of a young girl. Subsequently, students from her school begin to receive emails from her in which she states that she is not dead….