Shopping Blues (with Stripes)


I hate shopping. There are a number of reasons, but here is the one that struck me today.

My purse broke, so I went looking for a new one. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I did hope to find something that I might like.

I went from store to store, but the purses I found were either lousy or just OK. Every time I found one that might suffice, the price was over $100, even at the cheap stores. Now, I don’t mind paying a high price for an awesome purse, but no one wants to pay over $100 for “merely adequate.”

After so many stores, I began to get tired and grumpy. Why do all these purses suck? Why are the only purses that are halfway decent $200? Why is a $200 purse only halfway decent?

Finally I found a $20 purse that was merely adequate and decided to go with it. I grabbed it and took it to the counter. It would have to do.

This is the purse.


In the car, I pulled the new purse out of the bag to switch my belongings from the broken purse into the new one. That’s when, to my horror, I saw this:


I hate animal print!!!  I particularly hate cheap crappy animal print. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even looked at it carefully. Maybe I can dye it, I thought. I pulled the tags off. One of the tags was a little envelope. I opened it, and found this card.



It’s not enough that I have a mediocre (and ugly) purse that, who knows, might also break, but I have to be insulted too?

I hate shopping.

NB: My husband just saw the inside of the purse and laughed his ass off.

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