You Should Be Writing

In November, I challenged myself to do the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) task of writing a novel in one month. I have tried this before and failed miserably. This time, I am happy to say, I failed MUCH better! I didn’t write 50K words as the site suggests, but I did manage to write nearly every day, a goal that usually escapes me. One day I noticed this pic popping up in my Facebook feed.

avengers you should be writing

The Avengers telling me to write? Awesome! I must print that out and post it in front of my desk! Now every time I sit down, I will be reminded in no uncertain terms about what I should be doing.


Later I noticed this one, also in my Facebook feed. It was The Doctor! Telling me to write! I must print this out and put it up in front of my desk. Later, I went looking for more of these. Lo and behold! NaNoWriMo had a Tumblr site FULL of them. And they had made them with awesome subjects: Loki, Neil Gaiman, Jake Gyllenhaal! Terrific! I must print these out and put them up in front of my desk!

Then I realized something. I had a wall full of white men telling me what to do. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love these white men to death; I really do. But that wasn’t really what I wanted on my wall, at least, not entirely.

So, I made these. Tell me if you like them! I am going to work toward writing a little something every day, just like in November, but without a group of people sending me cheery notes of encouragement! (Of course, if you feel like sending me cheery notes, by all means, do go ahead.) And maybe I’ll print some of these and post them on the wall in front of my desk.

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  1. Awesome. Now I’m inspired!

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