SEL Layer 13: Ego

Lain finally has things figured out now, but do you? Realizing that she has been the cause of all the turmoil, she makes the ultimate sacrifice. What does that mean about her in the end? Read the questions and the discussion page on and at, then post your own response here!


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  1. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    Lain has finally came to an end. After an endless supply on confusion, I think that it has all came together in a sense. From the begining of the series lain appeared as a normal, quiet girl who has a normal family at home and went to school everyday. She seemed like she had some trouble fitting in at school, as well as her bring pressured by her friends to do things that she wouldnt normally do. Or would she? Apparently there was another version of lain that even, she didnt know existed. This was the Lain in the wired world, at first she didnt think that this was possible and a ppear to be confused, however after a while she saw that something wasnt right.

    All of this strange stuff sort of started to happen after she brought her computer and actually started to be a part of the wired. Her behavior started to change and she was very powerful ever since then. Between this episode and the one before this I began to be more and more convinced that lain was put in the world as a computer, or the breaking point between the wired and the real world. At first I just thought that she was a pawn of someone and actually even being possessed by masami because maybe he wanted someone to take his place in the world to control everything that was going on. When in actuality, she was more powerful than him, and once she realized that she was, she began to over power him.

    In this episode lain finally realizes that she is the cause of all of the problems that are being caused in the real world and in the wired. She apoligizes to her best friend and sencirely feels bad for all of the problems that she has been causing for her, of course along with everyone else. However something in this episode confused me, which happened towards the end she saw her friend Arisu and her boyfriend but it was like something drew them together. From far away, arisu told her boyfriend to hold on for a sec while she ran to go say hello to Lain. She asked if she knew her from anywhere and lain replied no, which threw me off big time! It was almost like, with the way that lain was staring at her, she was hypnotizing her into thinking that she didnt know her, and never saw her in her entire life. I think lain did this because she wanted arisu to forget about her, and all of the problems that she caused her.

    Lain was an overall interesting series, but it is something that you definately have to pay attention to. It really opens up your mind.

  2. Joy Babin says:

    I have to start off by saying….yay it’s over!!! Wow this series has been the most confusing things to understand. There were times I couldn’t wait to see what happened next hoping it offered a little clarity then other times I was left scratching my head.

    Lain hitting “ALL RESET” meant she was erasing her existence from everyone’s memories. When she realized she was the reason everyone’s lives were turned upside down it was her only option. I think Arisu remembered Lain sort of?? She said something along the lines “if someone isn’t remembered they never existed.” Over time she forgot all about Lain.

    The opening occurred in the middle of the episode because all memory was erased. It was the new “present day present time.” It was kind of like a fresh start to life, Lain, and this episode.

    When Lain drops to her knees the ripple in the water represents how still everything is around her. She is completely alone in the dark and scared. I feel really bad for her. How can software have such deep emotions of sadness and confusion? She got a life she never asked for then was left to sort it out by herself.

    When her “father” says she doesn’t need her bearsuit anymore I think he’s confirming she isn’t a human child. In a way he’s telling her she isn’t human at all and only an experiment.

    Lain says she can stay with someone forever because she is only software. She will always be connected to everyone in the wired. Even if they don’t know anything about her she is given the power to know everything about everyone else.

  3. Chelsea Turri says:

    Descartes struggle with the idea of what is real, and how do we know it is real? Lain also starts to question herself, her existence, and whether or not she is real. Descartes is very well known for his statement, “I think, therefore I am.” Lain is constantly questioning if she is real, and if the “her” talking, is the “real her.” Descartes statement could be seen as an answer to the question Lain is continually asking herself; am I real? Is this the real me?

    Arisu is confused and scared. When Lain says, “I messed everything up for you,” I think Arisu is feeling somewhat upset and guilty that she’s made Lain feel this way, but also feeling as if Lain’s statement is true. When Lain says “I messed everything up for you” to Arisu, she means that she has put Arisu through so much pain and suffering, and it is Lain’s own fault. Lain tries to fix things by erasing everyone’s memory of herself.

    Lain is swept from Everyone’s memory when she “resets” everything. It makes everyone’s life much easier, with far less complications. The effect the reset has on Lain however is quite opposite. She is lonely and is almost tempted to insert her memory back into people’s minds.

    After Lain “resets” everyone’s memories; she is all alone. The only person she has to talk to is herself. The “other” Lain; which is actually her inner mind explains that dead people’s information isn’t leaking out of the wired anymore now that Lain isn’t in the picture. She also says that Lain doesn’t have to be anywhere anymore, Masami Eiri doesn’t exist, and if he does than he won’t get any god like ideas.

    The opening sequences of the episode occur during the middle in this episode; the significance of this happening is to show that Lain has reset everyone’s memories, and to explain that although no one can remember her, it is still the present time.

    Lain concludes that the world will be much better off without her. Although it is not her fault any of the incidents between the wired and the real world happened; I do agree that without the memory of Lain the world has much less complications.

    When Lain drops to her knees in this episode there is water on the ground; this symbolizes innocence and purity. During this scene she is surrounded by darkness. I believe the darkness symbolizes how alone she feels.

    When Lain’s father appears to her he is representing god. The ray of light and Lain’s ascent to join him in the clouds is symbolizing Lain entering into the heavens.

    Throughout this series Lain’s bear suit has symbolized innocence. When Lain’s father says to her that she doesn’t need to wear it anymore it means that she is no longer naïve, and that she is no longer a kid.

    Lain cry’s when her father asks her if she loves everyone because she does. Lain gave up everything she had and everyone she knew so the world could be fixed.

    Lain says she will be with you forever. What she means by this is that at any time she can look down on her friends or family, and although they may not remember her it is still comforting for Lain to be able to speak with them and see them.

  4. shankar gurung says:

    In this episode She makes an every effort to find out whether she is real or not. She asks the several questions to herself such as who she is? What she does? Where she is from? The significance of her existence? All these queries makes us feel that she is real human being from the real world.
    Arisu still looks confused and puzzled by the situations that were happening around her and in front of her naked eyes. Lain said, “I messed up everything for you”. It means she was the root cause of turmoil and disturbance in her life. She tried every means to explain what it was and why it happened. However, Arisu looks lost in the middle of no where. Lain’s father said her to take off the bear suit which represents she is a grown up now and she understands everything that she needs to. She is ready to live her life independently and she can take care of herself and her sister. Lain’s father appears to her in the form of God and which symbolizes ray of hope and support for her.

  5. Shairyar Natha says:

    Descartes believes in a thesis called the mind-body dualism which explains that the mind and body are two different things and can exist without the other. What Lain believes is that if the memory of one person is eliminated from the minds of everyone then it is like they never existed which is why she decides to erase herself from everyone’s memory so that all the harm that was caused to everyone because of her becomes void.
    Arisu seems to remember bits of Lain at the start but in the end they show that she doesn’t recognize Lain at all as if they never met. She is living a life happily after the reset. What Lain means is that all the trouble Arisu went through because of being in contact with Lain, were not meant for Arisu to suffer from. Lain erases herself from everyone’s memory to save everyone from the danger they suffered from because of her.
    Lain becomes isolated because of the reset but gains the ability to connect to Arisu whenever she wishes. Everyone else who died: Chisa, Accela guy, Eri Masami, the knights, and the MIBs do not die and become involved in jobs which are not related to the Wired.
    Lain is talking to herself, and figures out that it is the nature of life and is not to be interrupted by her for everyone’s safety.
    The opening sequence was there to show us that without Lain being in it, that is how the World is. The water and the darkness shows a sign of isolation.
    He represents the presence of God telling Christ that now you are ready to take on the World, which is why he tells her that she doesn’t need to wear the costume anymore. what he means is that she is a grown up now. Lain has sacrificed herself for everyone’s safety. She is crying because she is all alone.
    When Lain says that she will be with you forever, what she means is that she will carry on to exist in the World even if no one remembers her. She will watch everyone.

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