SEL Layer 12: Landscape

Lain thinks that she has figured everything out. We se her now interacting with her friends confidently. However, Arisu is quite troubled, and she manages to change Lain’s mind about the need for a body. Read the questions at, and write a response to this episode here!

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  1. In this episode a lot of things begin to get pulled together. Lain’s friend Arisu is feeling really threatened, and scared of lain because of the power she has over her. In the previous episode, she discovers that lain, in some way has something to do with the rumors that are being spread about her. She goes to lain’s house to look for her and see’s a bunch of blood and other things that would signify a murder scene. She takes off her shoes (for some odd reason) and proceeds through the house to see what else she can find. At this point she is really scared and calling Lain’s name but there is no answer, and then when she finally gets to lain’s room she sees an arm hanging out of a pile of wires and then out comes lain! She seemed to be very startled with the way that she looked because she didn’t look human. There were a bunch of cords attached to her face, hair and ears and she didn’t even look alive.

    The power that lain had over her friend was so great that it caused her to break down and start crying. Her friend thought that lain had control over all of the horrible thoughts that she was having and the memories as well.

    After her friend finishes her panic attack, lain explains to her almost exactly what is going on. She says that she is a software, and a tool to connect the real world and the wired. Arisu didn’t seem to have any knowledge of what was going on at all, but eventually it all came together. In a way she sort of helped Lain snap out of it, and part of this was by her convincing lain that she was alive, and a human being. She made her feel her heart for a long time. Then as soon as that happened Masami appeared as a ghost levitating above her head, talking nonsense into her ear, once again. He again tried to start to convince lain that she was a computer and he gave her her body, ect.. But after a short moment of hypnotization she snapped out of it and began to out smart him, I was so proud of her! All of lain’s anger and intelligent choice of words began to over power masami and he exploded. What was weird, was that when he began to explode he brought all of the wires and electronics with him into a big cluster. I want to say his dead, but then gain there is no way he can be, being that we still have some ways to go until the season is over.

  2. Chelsea Turri says:

    Lain believes she has things figured out, you can tell because she is now tampering with information and is using the powers she seems to have always had to do different things for her personal needs. When Arisu questions Lain, Lain seems to have a lot of answers and explanations which has not always been the case. Lain is definitely more confident, forward, and talkative in this episode.

    She says there was not a lot of her, just that her memory in each person continued even when she was gone. She explains that memories can be rewritten, which is proven to be true when Lain rewrites the memory of the rumors about Arisu and her teacher.

    Jung’s theory and Masami Eiri’s goals are both very similar. Their ultimate goal is to connect all humans, uniting their realities as one, which would in turn result in immortality due to extreme knowledge.

    The MIBs seem to have been hired by Tachibana to get rid of the knights, which actually caused Lain to somehow break the barrier between the wired and reality. I don’t think the MIBs were aware of this plan, or effect. The Tachibana man says that “something wonderful is going to happen.” He means that the whole world will soon be connected; I believe he’s also foreshadowing that Masami Eiri will soon be destroyed. One of the MIBs starts to go crazy when he sees Lain in his eye piece; the other starts to see a figure and seems to be quite alarmed, but we do not know what happens to him.

    If Lain’s sister is still at the house even after her parents have disappeared, and their job is done, it seems that she may have some unfinished business, or she too was an experiment like Lain, but was not as successful. She might be mimicking a dial tone on the phone; the phone call may be of some significance.

    Arisu is scared and concerned with Lain’s current state; she looks tired and weak; her house is a mess and her sister has gone crazy. Arisu thinks she had gone insane when she started seeing Lain, and she was the only one who still had past memories about Lain. Arisu soon figures out that Lain erased everyone’s memories except Arisu’s; Arisu is extremely upset and believes Lain did this to cause her pain. Lain explains to Arisu that her intentions weren’t to hurt her, but that Arisu was her only friend before she connected to the Wired. Arisu explains to Lain that there is a difference between the wired and reality; she shows her their heartbeats, and tells Lain that she’s still alive.

    Eiri believes that he is god. Lain realizes that he may be a ‘god’ in the wired, but in the real world there is a true god. Lain explains this to Eiri, she also accuses him of stealing the ideas and theories he claims he thought of himself; Eiri gets extremely angry; until Lain came around Eiri was powerful and believed to be god, Lain is proving his power to be false and accusing him of using other peoples theories and claiming them as his own.

    Eiri turns into a monster made up of Lain’s computer parts; I think Eiri is causing it to prove to Lain that he’s powerful, hoping she will once again believe he is god.

    Arisu is scared while this confrontation is happening, but she has a lot of trust in Lain.

  3. Shairyar Natha says:

    Lain seems to be more calm now and seem to know how to use all of her powers. She knows who she is now and why she is present in the real World.
    What Lain is trying to say is that if there is no memory of an event taking place then it hasn’t taken place. She meant that if she did not existed in everyone’s memory then whatever effects she has had on them would be void. In real life it seems to be very illogical. Its like me getting married and then suffer from amnesia. If I was the only witness who saw someone committing murder and my memory is gone, that would alter the present. But in this series, it seems like Lain meant that if she erased herself from everyone’s life, that is, she never existed then the World would be a different place, which kind of makes sense. If I never existed then all the things I have done whether for the good or for the bad of the people would not have happened, and therefore there would be a completely different present for them.
    Masami repeats himself over and over stating that the body is nothing but just a machine which is carrying the soul. The soul is the real thing, without that the body is useless. Masami would want to connect all humans so that everyone connected to Lain would allow the Wired to interfere with the real World.
    The MIBs seem to have done whatever Tachibana wanted them to do. They seem unsatisfied with what they have done and seem really unhappy. They were probably assigned by Tachibana to finish off all the knights. Tachibana meant that everything was going to be all right, he probably predicted the future and new that Lain knows everything now and will finish off Masami. The MIBs start to see a picture of Lain and both die.
    It seems like Lain is isolating herself from everyone so that no one else is harmed because of her presence. She talks about erasing herself from everyone’s memory and maybe she wants to stay out of everyone’s life which is why she is found sitting under a pile of wires alone in a dark room.
    Arisu (Alice), when she interacts with Lain her concern is that why is she the only one that can remember her. Why is she the only one who has Lain in her memory? She starts off by saying that she is being punished by Lain and asks her whether she hates her this much.
    Lain tells Arisu that she is the only one who is her friend without any connection and tells her that she loves her. When Lain and Masami see each other, Masami tries to take her body away but fails and instead dies when tries to kill Lain. Eri believes that the body is a machine, the soul is the only important factor. Lain disagrees.
    Lain defeats Eri and it seems like Lain has more powers than Eri since she actually has a body. While they were fighting, Arisu seemed really scared and was crying.

  4. Joy Babin says:

    Lain seems to think she has it all figured. She knows she’s a program and attempts to convince Arisu she’s an application. Judging by her behavior she is accepting the reality of the whole situation.

    Lain tries to explain how she is able to erase memories in reality. Arisu gets super upset because she feels Lain is being really mean by not erasing her memories. Lain tries to console Arisu and tells her she loves her.

    The MIB realize they were tricked into doing Tachibana’s dirty work. When the Tachibana man says “something wonderful is about to happen” he is referring to reality and the wired becoming one. Moments after he drives off one of the MIB starts freaking out from an image he sees and dies. The other MIB reacts the same but I’m not sure if he died. I’m guessing yes.

    Arisu seems extremely shocked when she gets to Lain’s house. The condition of the house looks like a murder scene with blood splattered and the house a complete disaster. She gets scared when she sees Lain’s sister. Can’t quite figure out why Mika is still around. I thought she left with her parents. Maybe she too was an experiment that didn’t work out so well. The girl has completely fallen off her rocker. Anyway, when Arisu does find Lain she is a bit put off by Lain’s personality. I think this personality shows how Lain is slowly but surely merging the two worlds.

    Eiri and Lain argue over who was the first God and whom was created first. While Eiri claims to create the wired world and Lain, Lain claims reality God had to have created Eiri first. He doesn’t seem to like that and turns into a big computer something grabbing Lain and Arisu in a wire.

  5. shankar gurung says:

    I believe that Lain has figured out who she is and what is happening with her life and the world. She is trying to convey the positive messages to the younger people including her sister Arisu. She want the younger generation to be nurtured in the healthy and the refreshing environment.
    Tachibana is the big boss of the MIBS. He controls the whole network of MIBS in the series. He mobilized MIBS to break the secrets about the knights and their power that imposed a potential threat to them and the human world. I think he was successful in executing his mission and his set goals. When he said something wonderful is going to happen , it means everyone will get rid of wired world and no has to suffer heavily in the future. Every one will have opportunity to enjoy their lives in the real world. This marks the end of virtual wired world forever.

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