SEL Layer 11: Infornography

In this episode, Lain immerses herself into the Wired. Even so, she seems unwilling to give in completely to Eiri’s ideas.  The montage performs more than one function. Not only does it serve as a recap, but it also highlights certain themes. Read the questions at, and write a response to this episode here!

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  1. From the beginning of this episode to the end I can’s say that I wasn’t confused. Although I can say that in this episode Lain definately subjected herself into the wired and she had not a doubt in her mind about what she was doing. Masami Tries his hardest to convince Lain that she is a computer and she is a tool used to connect the wired and the real world together. It is at this point in the series that there is absolutely no barrier between the wired and the real world. Lain spends an extensive amount of time locked up in her room, sitting in a massive pile of wires half awake and half sleep. It is sort of like Masami has a sort of control over Lain and he tells her what she is going to do and even tells her about her self!

    Something strange about this episode, that was sort of hard to keep up with is how the whole first 6 mins or so of this episode was a series of flash backs. I think that they put this together like tat is to make it in a form of some sort of puzzle. They had connections from the front of this series leading up to where everything is now, in case someone that is watching couldnt keep up. I had a doubt in my mind whether Lain was actually human or not and this definately made me feel as though lain was just a tool to connect the wired and the real world. Either that or Masami, since he is a ghost/god possessed Lain thoughts and began to use her. Perhaps Lain was actually a normal girl at one point, and then things started to change her. I dont honestly think that we will know until the end of the last episode which is rapidly approaching.

  2. Chelsea Turri says:

    I think the Image Vignette is to symbolize that these are flashbacks Lain is having, and to put a spotlight on the importance of the flashback. The flashbacks are not in order by when they occurred. They are organized by things like a person, or a subject like love. The effect of changing the order of these flashbacks shows the audience Lain is behaving more like a person than a computer; also that her flashbacks are personal. I believe Arisu symbolizes Lain’s guardian angel, or a mother figure. Arisu was always watching over Lain, concerned for her well-being, and accepted her no matter how shy or naïve she was.

    Lain appears as an alien because she is a software that was believed to be created with some sort of extraterrestrial help. Lain learns to change reality; I think she can change reality because she has broken the line between the wired and reality. On computers you can edit and change things, so Lain is now doing that in the real world. Lain appears to Arisu to try and fix things with her only true friend. She gives Arisu information about her multiple bodies throughout the wired and the real world. Lain also tells Arisu that she too might have other bodies.

    Lain believes that although Eiri is telling her she is just a hologram/machine/software; she believes that she can be whoever she wants, and do whatever she wants. In this episode Lain proves that to be true. She visits old friends, and they can see her. She also uses her power as a software to change events in the real world.

    Lain sees Acella boy and Chisa. These characters try to convince Lain to commit suicide. They tell her she does not need her body.

    When Lain edits the rumors between Arisu and her teacher, and Juri and Reika don’t remember, Arisu realizes that Lain is telling the truth about breaking the barrier between the wired and the real world. This also makes Arisu believe everything else Lain told her about having multiple bodies, and that Arisu herself might too have multiple bodies. Arisu doesn’t seem pleased that the rumors are gone, more confused, as if everything she knew is changing. At the end of the episode Arisu notices a change in Lain that shocks her a lot; she smiles.

  3. Cunsery Furlough says:

    Cunsery Furlough
    Angela Drummond Mathews
    English 1301
    November 25, 2011
    Love: Layer 11
    The design of the new home the program has been update because before the program looked like an older version of the phantom game. The version of this design is different but the order of the game stays the same. This is where her family fulfilled their position in the wired. Playing the wired there is a point where one reaches a certain age and the game and is no longer needed. Lain is the warrior omnipresent in the game, the girl can do whatever she want’s that’s how she came to Arisu as an alien quintessence of the game. Lain tell Arisu that she does not need a device to commutate outside the wired, because she is a doppelganger and she can go anywhere and do anything she wants and that it wasn’t her who told on her about the teacher and she will make that situation right like no one ever know about her and teacher, also that she might have other doubles of her in the game. Lain rules in the game like the way Descartes rule. That’s why they try to get Lain to kill herself because they want the power, but I believe it’s too late Lain already won.

  4. Shairyar Natha says:

    Lain’s house is a mess now; it has eaten apples on the floor, clothes, and is really dark. It used to be the complete opposite.
    It is a recap but it is shown in a way that everything seems to fit together. First when I saw all the episodes and the scenes, they did not make sense at all. Now all the pieces fit the puzzle. Maybe Arisu is somewhat an important person in this series. Maybe she is the only one who did not actually know who Lain is. Maybe she is the only true person in Lain’s life who is unaware of what Lain actually is.
    Lain is a machine or a software created by Eri to merge the Wired and the real World together so that the physical body is no longer needed to exist in the World. Lain somehow has been able to contact the dead and possesses special powers which I don’t know why but has those because of Eri who created her. She appears to Arisu and tells her that she did not reveal her secrets about having an affair with her professor but some other Lain did, and she tells her that she can undo everything. She says that she has the power to appear whenever and wherever she pleases.
    “ I think; therefore, I am” actually meant that if Lain thinks that she is a software then she actually is just a software and not a human being. She is what she believes she is.
    Chisa and Acella boy try to convince Lain that she should also kill herself as the body is no longer needed. Chisa somewhat says that its difficult to do so, and seems unsatisfied by committing suicide but Acella boy seems to be having a nice time being dead. He gives the gun to Lain and asks her to kill herself so that she can also join them.
    Alice(Arisu) is told by Lain that she can undo things. When she finds out that no one any longer remembers the rumors she feels frightened by Lain.

  5. Joy Babin says:

    Lain’s house is very cold. Plants are dead, the color is dreary, and it’s a bit of a mess. All of this is the complete opposite from the first episode. While her house never gave that warm, inviting feeling it was very apparent it was lived in.

    The flashback was in no particular order but still made things more apparent. I’m still completely confused but have a little clarity. Yes I know doesn’t make sense but I know what I’m saying. Um is the guy with the red eye mask the same guy as the bartender??

    Lain appeared as an alien because she has the capabilities to do pretty much anything….she’s software and not human. She tells Arisu that she wasn’t the peeping tom but instead someone who looks like her is. Of course Arisu is completely confused and even more confused when Lain warns her there may be another Arisu in the wired.

    The scene with Chisa and Acella boy was like watching the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. While Chisa is trying to keep Lain alive Accela boy gives her a gun and tries to convince Lain she doesn’t need her flesh. He also claims she’s the reason he is there.

    The Arisu Lain school scene is so confusing. OK, last episode the friends didn’t see Lain but now they can? While the flashback made some sense I still don’t get it at all. I get she isn’t human but more just a walking/talking computer. I don’t get the rest though.

  6. shankar gurung says:

    The house of Lain is a huge mess. It means something has gone terribly wrong or something bad is about to happen to her and her family. When ever we saw her house in the previous episode it was neat and tidy, everything was well arranged and well organized.
    the significance of Image Vignette is to focus on the important parts of the story that was played in the previous series and keep the audience out of confusion and make the audience guess what might happen next in the upcoming series. Lain saw Chisa and Accela boy in this series which means she is still haunted by the traumatic events that took place in her life and her mind is still filled with those unpleasant true stories. However, she is trying hard to erase those heart breaking memories for ever.
    Lain tired to explain the relationship between the teacher and Arisu to prove the innocence of Arisu in front of everyone and save her from embarrassment. Lain does not want the same story to be repeated that will spread chaos in the school and the society.

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