SEL Layer 9: Protocol

Now that Lain has been testing her abilities, she has learned more about her world, and about her place in it. However, there are still things going on that cannot be easily explained. A lot of information is given in this episode. Remember that science fiction is a genre of setting. What does the information given tell you about the setting and furthermore about the plot? Look at the questions at and post you response to this episode here!

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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    She seems innocent and unaware of things that are happening; maybe this could be yet another version of Lain.

    The Roswell incident lets us know that aliens are of some significance in this series. The newsreel doesn’t give us much information about the aliens; only that the CIA has some secret treaty with the aliens.

    I think an alien appears to Lain because somehow all her powers and all the strange things going on have been the cause of aliens. She seems very surprised when the alien appears.

    The newsreel informs us that a man was conducting experiments that he believed to enable him to connect with cosmic entities. This may explain how a lot of people are connecting to all different versions of Lain in the wired.

    Lain is using Taro to get information about who the knights are and what they want. Taro isn’t a knight but they have given him information. The knights are interested in Lain; I don’t think they are the reason she has powers, and I don’t think they know the reason she has powers, but they want to know. When Taro speaks about how the knights are fighting to make only one truth; I believe he means they are trying to break the line between the wired and the world; resulting in one world, one truth.

    Lain’s parents know something strange is going on. I think they are aware that they are not Lain’s real parents, and soon their time will be up because their job is done. I believe Mika is not aware of the situation as Lain’s parents are, and the stress and confusion has driven her mad.

    She talks to herself, asks a question. The other Lain lets her know that they are both her, and each Lain has the same knowledge, one does not know more than the other. Lain says it is all a lie. I think she is starting to realize her family isn’t her real family and her life has all been a set up.

    Above the earth’s atmosphere there is a constant resonance, this is called the Schumann Resonance. A man believes that this is constantly giving off remains unknown. The man believes this electromagnetic pull can somehow network everyone’s minds at the same time allowing the consciousness of earth to be awakened; causing the earth to become a neural network.

    Masami Eiri was the chief researcher at Tachibana General Labs. He was released from general labs and his body was found on the train line. He is the person who is staring at Lain at the end of the episode.

  2. Cunsery Furlough says:

    Cunsery Furlough
    Angela Drummond-Mathews
    English 1301
    October 3, 2011
    Word count 339
    Layer 9 Protocol
    I believe Lain is in an unconscious state of mind, that’s the reason she’s in the bear suit and the alien appears I believe she is experiencing communication outside the limits of the earth. This information is important if Lain really wants to know the truth about the rumors about her and her family. The Newsreel believes that one can communicate thought network outside the earth. When Lain is trying to fine information about what is going on with the wired, she comes in contact with Taro her net pal she try to find out what he knows about the knights. I believe Taro is a knight into making, because he loves playing the wired I’m just wonder if the knights have anything to do with the Tachibana General Laboratories because no one can find out anything about the Knights. Lain and the knights are part of an experiment overwrite existing memories thought the network protocol. Taro is telling Lain if she opens her mind in see what’s in front of her she might be able to see what’s happen and what everyone is telling her is truth. Once she believes that she always existed in the wired and accept it she can have the power in the wired. Lain parents are problem worried because they know how the wired works and it’s time for their program to be over written and Mika is no longer communicating in the real world. When Lain is confronted with an over write of her she still does not believe that there are doubles of her that’s what her parents are trying to make her understand what happening to her. Schumann Resonance affects the humans Brain. The newsreels say it will affect the unconscious level without the need for any device. Masami Eiri was a researcher at Tachibana General Labs but he was dismissed for installing a program. Masami is waiting at the Yamanote train line for Lain.

  3. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    In this episode Lain doesnt seem to be herself at all. She seems oblivious to the stuff that is going on, and also a bit scared. However its confusing because she does seem a bit aggressive. Like when she find the chip, she wasnt exactly sure what it was, so she decided to go to someone that she knew, would know what it was and it was that kid that she saw in cyberia that asked her out on a date before. They went to her house and he was amazed at what she did with her computer. Everything was fine and then suddenly Lain switched into a different gear, and even started to threaten him, and assured him that he knew what it was that she had. She started to even shove it in his mouth, and accused him of being a knight, if im not mistaken. Then he finally told her that he wasnt a knight, but he knew more than normal people about that world. He still didnt exactly know what the chip was.

    Lain isnt sure if taro is a knight or not , but she is using him to get information that she needs about the knights. The kights are unaware of exactly how much power lain has, and im not exactly sure if they know what they are walking into by looking for her. On the other hand, Lains Parents know that something weird is going on and a few episodes back they try to act like there is nothing wrong while they are talking to her older sister. Then as soon as she walks away they talk about it together and say that they definately notice a difference in Lain’s behavior. In my opinion ever since she has gotten more involved in the wired, she has been more of a hermit crab as in never leaving her room and always working on her computer. Sometimes when she is on it she seems as if she is hypnotized.

    Towards the begining of the episode, Lain is alone at home and then she sees an alien in the doorway of her room. When she saw this she was really suprised, scared and didnt really know what to do. I also think that the aliens are attracted to earth because of all of the madness that has been going on between the wired and the real world. Maybe the aliens know the power that lain has and wanted to aknowledge that with their presence.

  4. Shairyar Natha says:

    Lain is probably becoming the old Lain again. Maybe the influence the Wired has on her is wearing off. That is why she is becoming the old innocent Lain that we knew.
    It seems that whatever has been happening in the real world is maybe because of some invasion of aliens, maybe aliens are the ones controlling the wired. It shows us that aliens exist and that the MIB’s have some sort of connection with them. Lain seemed surprised to see the aliens. Maybe Lain is also an alien inside a human body and that alien came to check on her.
    The newsreel shows us that how everyone is connected, and a man is conducting experiments that will allow him to connect to different entities. It might tell us why we see all the other Lains in the wired.
    Lain wants to know about the knights from Taro, he knows because they gave him information. Taro doesn’t himself know why Lain has all those powers, and who Lain really is. He is also uncertain and cannot figure anything out.
    Lain’s parents probably know what’s going on with her and who she really is but do not want to tell her just yet. They are probably waiting for the right time. Mika seems to have less knowledge about Lain and maybe she is just stressed out because of a sudden change of behavior in Lain.
    She talks to herself and disagrees with the other Lain. It seems like she does not want to believe the fact that her entire life was fake, just a made up experiment. She says that it’s a lie multiple times, but it seems like inside she also knows that she is living a fake life.
    Schumann Resonance can somehow bring people together and connect them.
    Masami Eiri was a researcher who died and was found in the train tracks. He is the one who is staring at Lain in the end of the episode.

  5. jessica zavala says:

    Lain appears in her bear suuit in the beginning of the episode because maybe she is turning back into the innocent lain that we first knew, or maybe this is another side of lain that we have yet to meet.
    The Roswell incident lets us know that the aliens are going to be important in this episode. The newsreel doesnt really give us much information about why the aliens appear but it does let us kno that cia has something to do with the aliens. lain seems kind of shocked to see the aliens, like she asnt expecting it at all.
    the newsreel informs us of the man doing experiments on connection, maybe the aliens are connected to the wired, or maybe they are even more powerful than the “god”.
    lains intentions with taro is to find out more about the knights because he knows a significant amout of information about them. the knights or taro arent really sure how powerful lasin is or even how she got all the power that she has, but they are trying to figure this out. when taro speaks of the truth i think that he means that the knoghts want to break the truth, meaning that they dont want their to be the wired and the real world they only want one world, or one truth.
    i think that lains parents are aware about what is going on with lain and they know that theya re not her real parents but that it is their job to protect her from finding this out, and i think that mika is unaware of all of this, and the stress and confusion has just made her go crazy.
    whenever lain confronts herself i think she is doing it to try to convince herself of something. she keeps saying that its a lie, i think that deep inside she knows that she has been living a fake life but she doesnt want to face the truth about it so she is repeating that it ws all a lie over and over again. Schumann Resonance is a way of connecting to the humans brain, just like the wired does..
    masami eiri was a man
    Masami Eiri was a researcher at Tachibana General Labs but he was dismissed for installing a program, and his body was found on the railroad tracks. he is now the man that is standing and staring at lain..

  6. Joy Babin says:

    Lain is in her bear suit when things are way confusing in her life. It’s almost like a safety blanket and offers her a sense of security while the rest of her life is falling apart.

    It’s unclear why the alien appears in Lain’s room but my guess is because she has constant information feeding through her. Maybe he wasn’t really in her room but more just her imagination? Did you see that creepy smile he had??

    Lain uses Taro for information. She just wants to know what she has and what it can do. Lain also wants to know if Taro is part of the knight. I’m not sure how he is unofficially part of that group. Maybe he will become an active knight as he gets older.

    Lain’s parents are really for the charades to end. Her mom even asks something like “is it almost over?” I’m not sure if Mika realizes their entire life is fake. She slowly seems to be falling off her rocker. Poor girl.

    Lain is still trying to reclaim herself/her life. She swears everything she sees is a lie but seems to know deep down it’s all true. I mean it has to be hard for her to realize this entire life she’s been living is nothing close to a family. Her parents aren’t her parents. How would anyone handle that??

    Eiri tried to prove the link between real life and the wired but ended up fired from his job. It’s said he can be found by the railroad. Did anyone notice the guy working in the lab with his looked exactly like Lain’s “father”…weird huh? Anyway, Eiri ends the episode standing right across from Lain just glaring at her.

  7. shankar gurung says:

    Lain is in bear suit again who represents the innocence and immaturity of Lain. She is completely ignorant of the situation and circumstances that she is dealing with. She is totally lost what’s going on and around her and the wired world.

    The Roswell incident gives some information about the aliens as the important component of this movie. But we do not much about the role of the aliens in this series. The newsreel also is unable to provide the needed information about the aliens and their existence in this story.
    Lain is trying to get as much as information she could about the Knights from Taro. She is eager to find out how the knights operate its framework and why they are after her. I think she is trying to find the weakness of knights and destroy them with her power so that they can’t harm her anymore. The knights are hunting Lain day and night to know how Lain received the supreme power in the wired world. They are kind of terrified with lain as well.

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