SEL Layer 10: Love

What’s love got to do with it? Apparently quite a bit in this episode. Lain will have a difficult time figuring out who to trust as so many characters are professing love for her. What do they mean by their admissions? How does it change your understanding of the relationship between Lain and the other characters? Does it make them seem more or less reliable? Look at the questions for this episode on, and then post your response here!


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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    I think Eiri’s claims are true even though he doesn’t give evidence. Lain seems to have switched voices with Eiri during their conversation. To me this signifies that Lain is just as powerful as Eiri, if not more. Their conversation informs us that Eiri is believed to be some sort of god, and without his followers he is nothing. Eiri and Lain describe the definition of god to be someone with worshipers.

    In this series the concept that the mind and body are separate is somewhat the theme. A girl at the beginning of the story kills herself because she says she does not need her body. The knights are fighting for the real world and the wired to be combined into one; which would establish no use for the body. Lain’s mind is all over the place in the wired; she’s constantly having interactions with different people at different places; things that Lain’s body is unaware of.

    Lain’s house is very dull when she sees it in this episode. It’s dark and gray, lacking almost any color. There are dead plants throughout the house. The beds are missing pillows and blankets. Her sister’s magazine has been tossed on the floor, along with everything in Lain’s room. In the past Lain’s house was very crisp and clean, with nothing astray.

    I think symbolically this episode represents a child entering adulthood. Lain is literally abandoned by all her friends and family, and told by her father she can now go and do whatever she pleases. Lain’s parents left because their job was done, apparently now Lain knows enough and is able to survive on her own. It’s interesting that Lain’s father said “I loved you” instead of, I love you. Lain’s father says this as if he cannot or does not feel that way anymore.

    When Lain goes to school no one can see or hear her; also her desk is gone. The fact that Lain’s desk is gone and nowhere to be found doesn’t signify that she’s no longer alive or has been forgotten, but that she was never there to begin with.

    Lain is angry and demands to know the identities of the knights. I guess because of Lain’s anger she was able to obtain the knowledge about who the knights are. The names of the knights were posted on the wired’s news. The men in black sought out all the members and killed them; I believe to make sure that the wired and the real world would never be connected into one.

    Lain is asked to love, and told she is loved by different characters in this episode. When Lain’s father tells her that he loved her I assume this to be sincere, father-daughter love. One of the men in black tells Lain that he loves her; this confuses me about what kind of love it is that he expresses towards her; does he worship Lain? Eiri asks Lain to love him. He has lost all his worshipers, meaning he is no longer a god. To remain a god Eiri must have one person who believes in him, Lain. Eiri wants Lain to love him in a worshiping way not a romantic sincere way.

  2. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    This episode was really quite confusing. The conversation between Lain and Masami left me to think that they are both two very high powers in the world of “The Wired”. While he is talking to her it is to my understanding that he was trying his best to talk circles around her in order to make her say what he wanted her to say. Like for example when he told her that he was god. He also tried to turn her against all of the people that were by her side her entire life. On the other hand, during this conversation Lain seemed to have two different personalities as she started to after I think maybe episode 5. It seems as if one of the Lains in this conversation is like computerized and the other one that she snaps into every so often is her normal self. Sometimes I think that she knows what has happened to her, but she just doesnt know how to control it. Lains mind is in a variety of different places in the wired and I dont believe she likes it because she is doing a bunch of things that she doesnt want to do. She is also doing things that she doesnt remember doing. For example, in one of the earlier episodes when she went into Cyberia with her friends, they all said that she was dressed like a little kid, and “the other” Lain didnt dress like that at all, and she had no idea what they were talking about, which scared her.

    Later on in Episode 10, when Lain went to school she appeared completely invisible. When she went into the classroom there was a giant space where her desk would have been and she just stood there as if a desk would just appear in her favor. The way I knew for a fact that she was intentionally portrayed as invisible, was when the teacher was passing out papers she looked right through her and passed the stack of papers around her to the kid that was in the seat behind where she was standing. It was at that point that she lost it, she started talking to herself in class and crying trying to re-assure herself that she was real. And everything she experience before her involvement with the wired was real as well. Something really weird happened following that event, her friend looked at her from accross the room and said we dont need you here in the real world, go back to the wired, or something along those lines. Lain couldn’t believe it!

    Also as Lain was walking around to different places, the world seemed empty. Everywhere that she went there was no people, in the streets, in stores or anywhere, everything seemed motionless. To top it all off when she went into her house she noticed that no one was home. She checked all of the rooms of the house and her family was no where to be found. The only room that appeared to have anything in it was her room. As she went to retrieve some of her belongings her dad, randomly appeared in the doorstep. His and her conversation wasnt like a normal conversation between a father and daughter. In my eyes it sort of looked like he had been hypnotize, but that cant be..or can it? He said things like “Its time” and that threw m eoff in a way. Time for what?

    One thing I’ve definately noticed about this episode is that everyone keeps telling lain that they love her. Whether its her father, her friends or even Masami! I think that his reasoning behind telling lain that he loves her is so that he can have her more on his side. He sees how powerful lain is and it threatens him in a way. He also knows how powerful he is, so he believes with lain on his side in the wired or in the world in general, they can do damage. But towards the end while Masami is talking to lain he says something that she didnt like, and she got very angry and pushed him away. Using her powers! Not only did she do that, but she also knocked down some street lights, for me the end of this episode ended on an uncomfortable note.

  3. Cunsery Furlough says:

    Cunsery Furlough
    Angela Drummond Mathews
    English 1301
    October 3, 2011
    Love: Layer 10
    Some of what Eiri is saying is true, the protocol is an agreement but he is no god. Eiri is mad because Tachibana General Laboratories fired him, and he is the one that encoded the Schumann Resonance into the protocol that caused it to evolved and now Eiri has to deal with Lain in the protocol because she is determine to find out what happen in wired, When Lain connect to the wired her unconscious mind the girl omnipresent she don’t need a device to make contact in the protocol and Eiri knows that Lain rule in the IP and his time is limited in the protocol without Lain help. Lain is revisiting her memories she enters the house where she once lived; the inside looks unsuitable, the home looks abandon. Before when she came home her family was there in the home. Everyone had a role to play in the protocol in the people that said I love you too Lain all play a part in her life in the wired. The love they claim for her was different, especially Eiri. The love he claimed for her was not real; he said I love you, because he needed someone to worship him to continue in wired. Lain father really did love her that was his role he played a father. Even though the wired has evolved with the real world it’s only a matter of time before a being data expires and a new program is up dated, for instance when Lain go to her home no one is there and at the school she once attend no one in the school could see her present, Lain program has expired and it’s been update. Lain dad tells her about the knights Templar how they used the invisible human network the collective unconscious since long before the wired was born that’s how Lain fines out about the knights. Now all members of the knights must pay the piper and be dispose of them, because the wired can no longer be allowed to be a special world to be able to exist in the wired there can only be one world.

  4. Shairyar Natha says:

    Eri’s claims are somewhat true since he does have some supernatural powers. The evidence I see that proves to some extent that he has superpowers is that he is dead but still existing with a physical body. Lain switches voices with Eri for a while in the episode, I think it happened to show that Lain knows as much as Eri does, or whatever questions Lain was trying to ask have been answered by herself. God is not the creator of the World according to them but is someone who has followers, the reason why Eri still exists is because Lain believes in him.
    This episode shows that once the wired and the real World are connected there is no need for a physical body to exist. The Knights are trying to combine both the worlds but the MIB’s are trying to prevent it.
    The house looks somewhat dirty now, it’s a mess. It seems really quite and dull. It almost seems like its haunted by a spirit. It’s really dark inside the house and the environment looks just the opposite of lively. In the past the house would be well lit, clean, the room made all of the time, and alive.
    This episode seems to reveal the true identity of Lain. It seems like her parents were not her real parents and were only given a duty to take care of her. I think that she is an experiment which the parents had to take care of. Her father says that he loved her, which seems like he is parting ways now and just wants her to remember that he loved her while she was living with them. Her desk is gone which makes me want to think that Lain actually never existed, all that we have seen is probably a virtual game that Lain is in and in reality she has never been to that school.
    Seems like everyone says that they love Lain for some reason, it’s really confusing. Seems like everyone except for Lain actually knows who she really is and everyone loves Lain for some reason that I do not understand.

  5. Joy Babin says:

    Eiri claims if one person loves him he can still remain a God. He tries to manipulate Lain into being that one person. Lain’s personality changes into her alter ego because I think wired Lain wants to be God. As much as real life Lain doesn’t believe anything he is saying, wired Lain knows it’s true.

    The idea of mind and body being two different entities was shown throughout this whole series. It didn’t make sense until the last episode. I think something was said along the lines of a mind’s unconscious state was what connected the real world and the wired world. I could be way off…

    When Lain got home is looked as if her entire family left in a hurry. I was very quiet and empty. Everything was left behind. Her “father” finally tells her everything was fake. She was never really his daughter but more of an experiment. He loved her not because she was his fake daughter but because of why she was created. I think she’s slowly starting to realize she’s not real. As much as she wants to deny the truth, the truth is being presented to her all at once.

    Lain demands to know the identities’ of the knights. I’m not sure why this is a bad thing or why they are hated so much in the wired. Is it because they make black market programs? While I realize they aren’t the best people I still don’t understand why the knights were so hated. Anyway, when the list is produced the guys with the red eyes patch kill them off one by one and make it look like suicide.

    The word love was tossed around a few times in this episode. When Lain’s “father” expressed his love I thought it was super sweet until he said it was because of who she was. I thought with all the confusion going on in her life she may have needed a little love from the guy she thought was her dad. Too bad it wasn’t the love she needed most.

  6. shankar gurung says:

    I believe Eiri’s claims are true. There is not any concrete proof shown in the series. But still Eiri seems to be true and convincing.Lain was switching the voices with Eiri because she wanted to prove that she is the super power and she is not scared of any body or anything in the entire universe. She is showing the strength of her power as well as trying to dominate Eiri with her super power. The significance of their conversation is the clashes of two super powers. The God is defined as eternal.
    Descartes made the idea popular that body and soul are two complete different entities one ruled by the other. In the beginning, a girl named Chisa committed suicide to free herself from worldly sufferings because she believed that soul is immortal. Similarly another girl, a friend of Chisa killed herself believing that the soul will never die even though the body perished. This is how the ides is represented in the story.

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