SEL Layer 8 Rumors

Lain’s reach into the internet is increasing. How is she changing as a person? What character traits has she developed or lost? Look at the discussion questions for this episode at and post your responses here!


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  1. segun faleti says:

    Layer 08: Rumors

    To my understanding, I think the dancing girl symbolized an image that demonstrate or interpret what the man is saying or what he stands for. I don’t really know what to call the man Lain was talking to; even though, Lain was referring or asking him if he’s god but his respond wasn’t telling us if he is or not. I guess he is just a man that acts as god in the wire because he seems to know a lot about the wired.

    I believe that Lain’s parent reaction tells us that there is more to know about their family. With the way the scene was shown, it looks like they saw her question coming and that might be the reason they were looking so dull before she even ask the question. My guess on that will be that everything about the family is not real; even though they are living as a family, they might actually not be one.

    The god is telling Lain that she is only the hologram of the wired Lain; which means that there has always been another Lain in the wired. I believe this is true because we have seen two different side of Lain in almost all the episodes. I think the headless bodies are the guards or angels in the wired and I also think that they are the mouthpiece of the god.

    It looks like Lain’s friends and school mates are seeing a complete stranger that is totally different from their friend Lain that they know. Before the episode, I believe some of Lain’s friends have been noticing some changes in Lain’s character because they think she is the same person, I know this for a fact by the way they looked at her. I don’t really know why everyone is staring at Lain; however, it could be because she just came back from the wired, or it could be that there is a rumors going on in the school that have to do with Lain. I think the explosion symbolize the switching of the real world Lain to the wired Lain.
    When Lain appears to Arisu, her intention is to make fun of her and make it look like she is the real world Lain who has been saying rumors about her. The wired Lain know that Arisu is like Lain’s best friend so her intention include coming in between them and to make the real world Lain look like a bad person. Lain’s doppelganger relate with Lain through the Navi.

    We can see that Lain seems to be losing almost everyone close to her including her supposed family. As far as the episode goes, everybody is seeing Lain as a bad person; even though, it is not her doing the things people thought she was doing.

  2. Shairyar Natha says:

    The dancing girl is imaged as a stripper because she is nude when Lain first sees her, but she seems to know about the Wired and everything. I don’t really understand the point why would Lain go to her. She asks her about the IP which Lain already knows about. It’s the protocol that each server has. Lain finds out that protocol 7 is being used now which has mixed up both the Worlds.
    Lain seems to have noticed that there is something wrong with her, she asks them and they do not respond at all verbally. But later on they turn around and stare with anger and concern as if they know what’s wrong with her. Lain asks them because in the previous episode when she is asked about this she fails to recall all of these information. She is trying to reassure that she really is Lain from the real World and not the one from the Wired.
    The so called GOD of the Wired tells Lain that she existed in the Wired even before she actually started using it. He tells her that she has existed from the beginning. The heads are missing from the figures because later on, they transform into the shape of Lain’s head. They were missing to give that shocking look to Lain that every person around her looks like her. It proves that the GOD character is right that Lain has existed in the Wired way before the actual Lain used it. He shows that to Lain to prove his point.
    Arisu trusts Lain a lot and believes that whatever they all saw Lain do was not actually done by Lain. She believes her and supports her blindly, she is a true friend. The explosion probably opened a gate to let the fake Lain from the Wired to enter the real World.
    The new Lain who appears in the end is the Lain everyone use to talk about in the club. She is the complete opposite of the real Lain and loves to party. Her intention was to show the real Lain that she can live her life and Lain can do nothing about it.
    Lain’s parents have started ignoring her, her sister now hates her for telling everyone her secret and her friends are hanging out with the fake Lain. She has lost everyone close to her now.

  3. Cunsery Furlough says:

    Cunsery Furlough
    Angela Drummond-Mathews
    English 1301
    October 3, 2011
    Word count 423
    Layer 8 Rumors
    When Lain connect to the wired she is greeted by a dancing girl-who is represented by one of the contract thought the wired. Lain receive information from the dancing girl that there are rumors being sent across the internet about her. When lain tell her parent about someone ask if she was really Lain Iwakura- and if they were her real parents. They looked at Lain with this weird look on their faces as if they are not her parents, but Lain blows them off and went back in her room. At this point Lain didn’t know what to believe. One of the player in the wired who represents his self as a God is telling Lain that there are doubles of her in the wired and all the rumors are true. He tells Lain that there is more than one of her she in the wired and she see’s everything that is going on in the wired because of all the different sprits of her in the wired. Lain of course doesn’t believe this information. She is very upset but time is running out for Lain to find out why he is making these accusations- Lain risk going into the wired while she’s at school to find out what’s going on, even though she receive a warning on her computer that its dangerous to be on the internet at school. Lain enter the wired anyway. I think that’s one reason she having headache and she can’t determine what’s real anymore she spend too much of her time playing the wired. I really think Lain has a mental problem and maybe this is why her mother and father are looking at her that way. Just when Lain was started to feel in control of the wired, she found out about the rumors and thing start to fall apart everyone at school everyone knows what is going in the IP, because of the doppelganger of Lain her friends think she is a peeping tom. Lain is especial concern about Arisu thinking she is a peeping tom and it’s starting to affect her. I believe Lain experience a mysticism thought because of all the disinformation being sent across the internet about her witch explain the episode of the explosion. Lain is concern about the true being told but her alter ego is nothing but a metaphor in the wired and that’s not Lain the only symbolism is they look the same.

  4. Chelsea Turri says:

    I’m not sure who lain is first talking to. She learns that tachibana labs controls the economy of the wired, and IP is the new protocol they have developed.

    Lain’s parents should be denying the things that Lain is telling them she has heard; instead they are ignoring her, and then start to act strange as if some of what she is saying is true. I believe Lain asks her parents because she is fearful that what the men told her could be true. I think she is seeking reassurance from her parents, and their responses give her the complete opposite.

    God is telling Lain that he is everywhere in the wired, also that there are many Lain’s, and she was born with the power to delete them at any time. I don’t think he can be believed since Lain tried deleting these other versions of her and one still appeared. I think the talking headless bodies with mouths symbolize all the rumors being spread around the wired. When the talking forms take on Lain’s head I believe this to mean she is the source of the rumors. Lain decides that she is the real her and she’s going to get rid of her other forms.

    When Lain appears to Arisu her intentions are to embarrass her, and let her know that she was the one who spread the rumors about Arisu. This is not actually Lain, only another one of her bodies in the wired. Lain’s doppelganger is much more like her friends, and enjoy the things they do more than Lain has ever expressed interest in.

    Lain’s alter ego seems to interact better with the world than the actual Lain does; more friendly, gets involved with outside activities.

  5. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    In this episode, lain is talking to someone in the beginning. I’m not too sure who it was, maybe herself? Anyways in this episode lains parents are ignoring her. Everytime she tries to talk to them, they push her away or just completely dis-aknowledge her presence. Lain is in a very disturbed and worried state of mind because she doesnt know what to think about what the men told her. She is trying to go to her parents as a form of comfort and reassurance and they are doing the complete opposite. So now who is she supposed to turn to?

    I didnt quite understand the concept of the rumors that were being spread around the wired but, I know that Lain thinks that all of the rumors are based off of her and her different personalities. This would make sense because she has been making her way around the wired with her different personalities confusing herself, and others. It think the people that are spreading the rumors don’t really know what is going on, which would explain their actions. After awhile lain realizes that she doesnt like what is going on and that it has gone to far. She says to herself that she wants to go back to normal, the real lain and eliminated all of the other forms if possible.

  6. jessica zavala says:

    im not really sure who lain was talking to, maybe it was herself.. she learns that the Tachibana controls the wired some way and the the IP is the protocol that each server has.. the dancing girl is nude when lain first sees her, im not sure why.. maybe for “purity” reasons.
    whenever lain goes to her parents instead of denying these rumors they just ignore lain which makes it seem like they are not rumors, but they are truth. lain asks because she wants to know the truth of who she is.
    The god is telling Lain that she was in the wired before she really was of the wired Lain which means that there has always been another Lain in the wired but she asnt aware of this. I believe this is true because we have seen two different side of Lain in almost all the episodes. I think the headless bodies are the angels in the wired and that they are the voice of the wired.. they form to lains head and i dont really get why.
    arisu believes that all the things that everyone saw lain do was not really lain, just her image, arisu trusts lain and doesnt think that she would ntentionally do something to hurt or embarass her. she wants to be there for lain, and support her even though everyone else doesnt. lains dopplelanger is more like the other girls, “lains friends” The new Lain who appears in the end is the Lain everyone has seen do bad, or weird stuff. She is the opposite of the real Lain and loves to party and go out. Her intention was to show the real Lain that she can live her life and Lain can not change that or do anything to stop her.

  7. Joy Babin says:

    When Lain is discussing Tachibana the only thing that comes to mind about the girl dancing is she’s a stripper. Men holding important conversations at a gentleman’s club isn’t totally out of the ordinary. It would seem a bit weird for Lain to be at a place like that but this whole series is weird.

    Lain’s parents become more weird with each episode. It’s almost as if they are allowed now that Lain is questioning them. As much as Lain doesn’t want to believe they aren’t her parents, she knows the truth deep down.

    The God voice/guy really confuses me. Honestly every time he talks I just stare at the screen. My take on what he’s saying…. Lain isn’t real at all. All the headless people and Lain heads are all of her personalities. With so many Lains she can be in more than one place at a time. Probably way off on this one but that’s all I can come up with.

    Arisu questions Lain about the rumors but wants to believe her friend is innocent. Arisu even reassures Lain when the peeping tom rumor pops up on her screen. Lain has no idea what’s going on in the world around her. It’s almost as if she’s losing control of her wired personality.

    When Lain’s alter ego appears in Arisu’s room Lain is warned (or so it came across that way) through flashes of things that are going on, the wired acting strange, and that street sign that is always at the beginning. I’m not sure how she is able to find her alter ego though. How does that work?

    When Lain deletes her friends’ memories I get really confused. Did she delete her wired self of her true self? The scene at school makes is seem as if she deleted her true self but… As much as I try to understand this show leaves me scratching my head.

  8. shankar gurung says:

    I believe the parents of Lain is hiding a top secret from her. They act like they do not want Lain to know anything about them. They ignore her completely whenever she tries to ask questions and try to know more about them and the family. Her dad acts weird because he pretends like he has seen nothing when he saw her getting completely absorbed in the wired world in front of his naked eyes. It shows that he does not care about Lain at all, No matter what ever happens to her.
    I think God is trying to warn her about the consequences that might occur in future if she doesn’t get rid of the wired world. The God was there to make her alert about the differences between the real world and the wired world. The God is helping her to show the path to get out from the trap that was too dangerous for her and the whole world. But I am not sure whether Lain perceived the message from the God or not.

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