SEL Layer 7 Society

Lain has attracted attention from some interesting sources. The MIBs are working for a mysterious person who asks Lain questions about her identity. Why doesn’t she know the answers to these quetions? What does it mean about her? In other events, the strange man walking with all of the weird equipment meets an unhappy end after trying to get in contact with the Knights. What do you think happens to him, and what are these Knights up to? Look at the questions for episode 7 at and write your response here!

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  1. segun faleti says:

    Layer 07: Society
    The wire might have had some kind of interest in Mika because she is now almost acting like her sister. The warning flashing on Lain’s computer shows that the wire doesn’t like to be interrupted; Lain was asking the computer questions about her sister’s behavior but the computer refused to answer instead, it gives a warning to Lain not to interrupt the wire.
    I think the goal of the Man walking with the portable computer equipment is to be part of the knight. It seems like the wire has a hold on him because he’s been controlled by them; I believe the wire have some sort of power on this man that makes him want to be part of the Knight.
    I believe the Knights are selective when it comes to choosing people. They chose people they can easily control; it could be from a high class or low class as long as they can carry out their duties. This tells us that the Knights work in diverse ways. The knight use a computer system as a symbol in which they use to communicate among the knight.
    Lain and Arisu conversation shows us that Arisu is a true friend and I think they should be best friend. It is so clear that she cares for Lain and she don’t want her to be alone; also, she wants her to be more sociable. I think Arisu’s mission is to constantly remind Lain that the real world is better and that’s where she can enjoy the company of real people.
    After the man Tachibana ask about Lain’s identity, but somehow she wasn’t able to reply; her not been able to reply could be because she doesn’t know those men or she was just scared. Also, the man told her that there has been some kind of communication between her and the knight; although, Lain seems not to understand what the man is talking about, but the man told her that whatever it is they are using her for have to be stopped. At this point, the Lain in the real world change to the wired Lain and her attitude change completely from the normal Lain. She talked rude and carelessly; she sound as if she doesn’t care what happen if the real world and the wired crumble.
    I guess the reason why Lain wasn’t able to reply the Tachibana man could be because she doesn’t know him to the point of discussing her family or her history with him. However, it could also be that the man is right about Lain when he said the wired cannot be allowed to interfere with real world. It could be that Lain is from the real world trying to get involved with the wired. Karl said Lain is dangerous because it seems like they are seeing more of the wired Lain than the real world Lain.

  2. Shairyar Natha says:

    The Wired seems to be expanding. We can see that Lain’s house has wires coming out of the wall outside her room. Seems like the Wired has connected to the real World even more now than before. Lain has noticed that she is different in the Wired and different in real life, she says that in the beginning.
    Mika seems really different too, seems like the Wired has started taking control over her. We saw earlier in the previous episode that Mika’s spirit type of thing is visible outside of Mika’s body. Mika is for sure changing due to that experience which was probably caused by the Wired.
    The man with the portable camera seems to know that knights exist. He thinks that they are strong and probably the rulers of the Wired system. He is simply searching for a way to get himself noticed and join the Knights group. He finds Lain instead who he refers to as a Knight.
    Knights are probably real people who let the Wired system take control in the Real World. They only chose the vulnerable and weak, they do not require them to have a specific quality in particular. From the way the camera man was searching for them, it seems like the Knights are really powerful.
    I think that Arisu knows that Lain spends too much time on the Wired. She is just trying to remind her that the real world exists and that she shouldn’t dedicate all of her time on the Wired. Arisu seems to be a good friend of Lain who worries about her.
    Lain first acts normal as the way she actually does in the Real World. Then before she leaves she acts like the Lain from the Wired, it seems that the Wired has taken over Lain’s body. She has become the Lain everyone knows about inside the Wired. She does not know her parents or any personal question because she is just an image that Lain created in the Wired. Lain probably did not write her biography correctly in the system because she wanted to portrait as a different girl than she really is. The new Lain has the same body but is a created reflection of what Lain wanted her life to be as.

  3. Chelsea Turri says:

    Mika seems zoned out ever since she was being haunted to fulfill the prophecy. When Lain tells her computer that Mika is acting strange a warning pop up appears.

    The man walking down the street with a portable computer is trying to contact the knights, it seems he wants to be accepted as one of them and join the knights. The man is found face down on the ground in some junkyard.

    The symbol the Knights use is similar to the one eyed pyramid on the American dollar. All these people enjoy playing computer games, and they are regular people. These people share many differences, one is a woman and a mother, one is a business man with money, one is messy and ordinary. This tells us the members of the knights seem to have met in the wired, and that is their only connection.

    The conversation between Lain and Arisu lets us know that Lain’s family is not the only characters who are noticing a change in Lain. It also shows us that Arisu is a good friend and cares about Lain. Arisu seems to look out for Lain, and keeps unknowingly reminding Lain that there is a difference between the real world and the wired. Arisu is almost Lain’s wakeup call; she is the character who keeps Lain down to earth. It is as if Arisu is the wall between the wired and the real world.

    When the man questions Lain about her identity, Lain does not know much about her family life or herself; she draws a blank. Lain turns into her innocent naïve self, she gets upset when she cannot answer these questions. She then turns into her alter ego Lain, she stands up to the MIBs and takes control. Her alter ego talks much more, always has a comeback, has a louder voice, and shows much more expression. I’m not sure why Lain doesn’t know details about her family or personal history; her family seems to keep things very private and do not talk about much. When both characters tell Lain that the wired cannot be allowed to interfere with the real world I think they mean that if the wired and the real world become so close, people will not know which is which. In the wired you can do things that aren’t possible and couldn’t happen in the real world. If the two become too much alike you won’t know where you are, and what you can get away with doing. Karl says that Lain is dangerous because she has a lot of power, maybe even the power to break the separation between the wired and the real world, and she does not see how that could be a harmful thing.

  4. This episode begins by Lain acknowledging that her wired self is becoming increasingly different from her actual self. Whether that is because of the way people in the wired interact with her, or if it is of her own creation is yet to be determined. I’m not sure what is wrong with Mika, but it seems that she is lonely, and misses a direct connection with people, though she has been missing this connection for the entire series, it could be anything but she is presenting herself depressed. The man with the computer equipment is attempting to join the knights, when he is passed, or dead at the end of the episode, there is a reflection of the same stamp that is found on the lonely housewifes discarded video card. The man could possibly been a victim of the game, and the stamp could very likely belong to the knights. The assumed knights all have somewhat smug attitudes towards others, also when the guy insinuates that Lain is dangerous, I think it is symbolizing the fear people have of individual thought, and their inability to control other peoples. Arisu is a grounding force, and she enters at a moment of disparity giving Lain a sense of worth, and connection by re-enforcing the value of their friendship. I think that it was sketchy that Lain had to make the connection of the card to the computer for the older man, considering Lain is Lain now, and the most powerful child that we know of, and he directly makes her connect it into the slot, and then the computer street vagabond responds to the reassembled Navi by calling Lain a Knight. To me it seems that this old computer is property of whoever the Knights are, and whoever is using it, carries their insignia

  5. Joy Babin says:

    Mika is starting to act as strange as Lain. Her personality has changed since she watched herself disappear at the front door a few episodes back. Lain’s computer flashed “warning” when she tries to get information about her sister. Maybe the wired has something to hide.

    The man walking down the street is looking for the knights. He almost begs to be a part of their group. I think he’s just as lost between the wired and real world as Lain. He seems to think Lain is a knight, and gets really excited when he sees her face on his screen. I’m thinking when the man did in fact find the knights they left him for dead in a dumpster or area full of trash. The knights obviously don’t want to be discovered.

    The pyramid symbol was shown through out this episode to represent the knights. I didn’t think the various people were knight members, but just people using the knight’s off market devices. The 3 different types of people show the members come from all walks of life. If they are actual knight members then maybe the knights are just alter egos of real world people.

    Arisu worries about Lain a lot. It’s almost as if Arisu knows more than she leads on to believe. Her conversation is about their friendship and why Lain stays to herself more, but I think she wants Lain to open up about what’s going on in her life. Lain has a big smile on her face after she realizes Arisu cares about her. I wish Arisu would start talking, and reveal why there is always worry in her facial expressions.

    Lain’s alter ego takes over when she becomes overwhelmed with all the questions thrown at her. It’s almost as if her alter ego takes up the slack when she can’t handle a situation. It is very strange she knows nothing about her family. I’m thinking Lain’s two egos have merged into one, and the more extroverted comes out when needed. Karl says Lain is dangerous because she has found a way to connect the wired and real worlds together. Her powerful wired personality could possibly do damage in the real world.

  6. Shankar says:

    The hum of the wires are getting louder at Lain’s house which is the indication of the wired world being intermingled in the real world . Lain is the super power of the wired world that connects the real world . Mika has started to act weird since there has been dramatic changes going on in the house and on Lain. she is puzzled by the crazy things happening around her vicinity. Lain tries to find out what was the problem with her by asking the computer about the reason for changes seen in Mika. However, the computer is reluctant the answer the questions about Mika.
    The man walking down the road tries to keep in touch with the Knights and make a humble request to be a part of their network. through the help of portable computer, But it cost him his life and was found dead on the side of the road.
    The conversation between Lain and Arisu shows that they are the true friends who help each other when they need each other. They are always there for each other. Arisu is deeply concerned about the problems of Lain and tries to help Lain find a solution for the troubles.
    Lain is taken to Tachibana office by MIBS and was asked about her identity and about her whole members of the family. Lain was lost at certain point when she was unable to answer even the single question asked by Tachibana. At the same time, the wired Lain shouted back why they were caring too much about her identity and her family as a whole. Lain is considered dangerous because she is the one who bridges the wired world and real world.

  7. Cunsery Furlough says:

    Cunsery Furlough
    Layer 7 society
    Growing up in today’s society we have to make choices, sometimes the choices we make are not always the right choices. We all have different things we experiment with, take lain for instance she is so caught up in her computer game that she believe that this game on the internet call wired is the real world we live in, and that real world know longer exist. Lain is letting this game take control of her mind kind of like drugs if you do enough drugs the drugs will take control of your mind consume you and everything in your life. When I was growing up my family was really close to each other, if one of us was having a problem you can believe everyone in the family new about it, we did almost everything together it doesn’t seem like to me that lain and her family are very close, lain does even spend time with her sister. When Mika come in the room to talk to her sister lain practically neglect her sister. I believe Mika might have a little problem and she wants to talk to lain about her problem, but lain is too busy trying to be in control of the wired she even ignores the warning on her computer knowing that this game is illegal server she still continue to stay connect to the wired.

  8. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    It is at this point that Lain knows tha there is something not right about herself. She knows that this world of “The Wired” has done something unusual to her. It is becasue of the difference in her real self and the wired version of herself that people begin to act different towards her. People say they have seen her places that she doesnt remember going, that she dressed in ways she couldnt imagine herself dressing and also a noted personality difference.

    I at first thought that the man walking around with all of the technology as a knight. But after watching for sometime I noticed that he was in fact trying to contact the knights and figure out their motives as well. He is found face down in a junkyard with all of his equipment broken after trying to contact them. I believe this happened to him because he was getting to close to finding things out and the knights dont like to be tracked. I think they are up to no good, but then again they could just be trying to decifer the difference between the real world and the wired. I dont think that we will really know until the end. If anything I think that they would be searching for lain, after all there are always these men in a black car, dressed in all black following her around. I think they are trying to observe her. If they are knights, they probally know how powerful lain is and they want to approach and interrogate her.

    Arisu is lain older sister and she appears to be very worried about lain because she is noticing a difference in her personality. She is really concerned with the problems lain is having and she is also trying to help her find a solution. Lain is very powerful because she can transport back and forth between the wired and the real world. There is almost no one else that can do that.

  9. Antonio Johnson says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Mika. I believe what we saw was a sort of doppelganger similar to Lain’s “other.” The warning sign was probably the cause of someone hacking into Lain’s computer. As far as the anime goes, it could impy that a major plot twist is approaching and things are about to change. The man with all of the portable computer equipment clearly wants to be a member of the knights, but when he tries to hack into their channel (among other things) to prove his worthiness, he ends up in a ditch. Many people are seen viewing the same symbol that as the one first seen by the man in the suit when he views his mail. All of them have some association with computer equipment. There is a possibility of them being part of the knights. Although they all lead very different lifestyles as shown by their clothes and environments, they are all seen looking at what I will call the Knights symbol. I think the significance of Arisu and Lain’s conversation shows that Arisu is trying to keep Lain in the real world and happy because Lain seems to be too into the wired. Arisu is one of Lain’s good friends in the real world and shows concern for her by trying to make sure she is happy. In a way she is evidence that that the world is indeed real. When Lain goes to the Tachibana office, the “Lain from the wired” comes out and her personality changes. Her attitude changes and even her voice. She doesn’t directly answer any of their questions and seems to be more controlling and confident. I think the Knights are using Lain, and that’s the reason her computer connected to the walking man. In the beginning her computer showed a warning sign. The knights could have hacked into it, and used her to connect to the man. Lain’s entire life could possible be a lie in some sorts. She might not know her family history because it was all set up, or maybe she was created and doesn’t have that history. When the people in the anime say that the real world and the wired cant be connected they mean that they are two separate worlds and they shouldn’t interfere with each other. And I think that Lain is dangerous because she is somehow the key to connecting the two worlds.

  10. jessica zavala says:

    in the beginning of the episode lain is noticing that she is becoming “different”. and the wired seems to be connecting more to the real world because lain hears the wires louder at her house and also the wires are exoandin from her room to outside.
    Mika is beginning to act just as strange as lain has and is acting due to the wired. when lain tries to get information about mika her computer pops up with a “warning” sign maybe the wired is hiding something about mika that lain shouldnt know.The man walking down the street with all of his equipment is face down in some junkyard with all of his equipment arount him, i think that the knights felt he was getting to close or knowledgeable about them, so they killed him.
    the sign that the knights use is a pyramid type shape, and i think that the only connectio that these people have is from the wired.
    The conversation between lain and arisu shows me that arisu is truly there for lain, she wants to help her through this situation, and she is truly concerned about lain. she cares for her, and doesnt want het to get hurt.
    i thought it was strange that lain didnt know anything about her life or her family. im not sure why that is though. when the man says that the wired cant interfere with the real world i think he means they can not connect to much or people will begin to confuse them with each other. Karl says that lain is dangerous bevaus edhe has way to many powers, she is a really powerful person and is capable of alot.

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