SEL Layer 6: Kids

Now we are nearing the middle of the series, and we can see significant changes in Lain and in her relationship with the Wired and with the real world. You may be able to recognize some recurring themes and concepts. As this series was created over ten years ago, some of the technologies that were complete science fiction then are in common use now. Nevertheless, the themes in Lain still resonate, maybe even moreso, today. Please look at the discussion questions about this episode on and write your response here!

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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    Water usually symbolizes purity, innocence, and the cleansing of something.
    Her real friends have good intentions. So far we are sure that her real friends want the best for her, regardless of whom or how powerful she is in the wired. Lain’s internet friends on the other hand seem to be using her, manipulating her, and have other motivations for being her ‘friends’.

    When the image of Lain appears in the sky the position is symbolizes is that she is God. I think the image is nude because it symbolizes the natural body, holiness, and pureness. The body language of the children who call the image seems to show that the kids are worshiping this image in the sky.

    The power used in the KIDS system is the children’s Psi power and their thoughts. Lain might very well be getting all her power from the rebirthed experiment in the wired.

    A crossroad generally symbolizes a point in which you can make a choice. Other meanings that can be assigned to a cross are God, purity, sacrifices, etc.

    The purpose of telling us the story of the KIDS system is to give the audience some sort of insight as to what is going on with the kids in the wired to make them act this way in the real world, also it gives us a clue as to where Lain might be getting her power.

    If the men outside Lain’s window are not knights then they might be sent to watch over her, and protect her.

    I don’t know why the knights would sabotage Lain, maybe they gave Lain her powers and now they do not need her anymore; maybe Lain already had powers and they need to destroy her to succeed at other plans they have for the wired.

  2. Shairyar Natha says:

    Lain seems different when her dad approaches her in her room, she seems to be addicted to the wired. Lain’s room is full of water; it symbolizes isolation according to me. Either her AC is leaking, or it was present there to show that Lain has completely blocked herself from the outside world.
    Lain’s real friends think that she is turning back to her old self, studying and being quite and all, but the lips we see in the wired seems to have a different prospective. The lips seemed to think of Lain as being some sort of celebrity, he mentions that if he mentions that he has helped Lain then it would be a big of a deal.
    Lain sees herself being completely nude in the sky and for some reason it’s not illusion because her friend seems to notice that as well. I think that the Lain in the sky is an image of the Lain from the Wired system.
    Lain seemed to start changing after she inserted that chip into her wired system seems like everyone will start to have the same consequences if they continue to use the Wired. The Wired seems to have some control over the people who are using it.
    Lain is interested in the KIDS system and that’s why asks the old man about it, but I really didn’t understand what he meant. Lain however seemed to have an idea of what was going on.
    The men in black are probably the people who want to protect Lain from the knights; they don’t seem like the bad guys. They are stalking Lain to keep an eye on her so that nothing bad happens to her.

  3. segun faleti says:

    Layer 06: Kids

    Water symbolizes different things to different people; it could be for purification or cleaning, also, it could be use for cooling off something hot or stopping fire. Also, it could be use for evil to some extent.
    Lain’s friends in the real world claims to be her real friend which I think indeed they really are; however, her wired friend need her for them to use as a tools in the real world; also, it doesn’t look like they care about her and they definitely didn’t have good intentions for her.
    Lains’ appearance in the sky symbolizes power. She posses some kind of power that everybody we worship and I think that might have been the reason they need her in the other world (wire). Lain’s nudity symbolize purity and I think the children seem to see her as their savior who came to rescue or take them to heaven.
    Psi is a parapsychological ability that is present in most children, although, it is very faint in most. That simply means a child Psi is weak as individual, however, if children Psi are combined together, it will generates a lot of power for the KIDS. It might have been related to Lain’s experience because she seems not to be an ordinary girl; she has some sort of powers that could have been transfer to her from the KIDS system. There is a lot happening between the wired and the real world; in this episode, it looks like people in the real world are been controlled be the wired which sometimes make them act in a funny way.
    A crossroad simply means junction. Cross represent Christ based on my religion; also, in most cases, it symbolize positivity. However, in this episode, it could be a point where a person has to make a decision on what to do or where to go from that point.
    I think the men in black are the good guys; it is obvious that they might have been protecting Lain since the beginning of the episode, even though, they look like the bad guys.
    The Knight may want to sabotage Lain because she is about going off against them now that she knows that they are the bad guys.

  4. jessica zavala says:

    Water can have different meanings, to me though it means purity, or the way of cleansing. Her room is a huge mess, and there is water everywhere. Im not really sure why, because i dont think that she is becoming “pure”.
    Lains real friends seem like they only want the best for lain, and that they are really there for her, and truly want her to be there for them as well. Now, her wired friends on the other hand are not like that. The wired friends seem to be manioulating lain, and trying to take over her life. They want her to be all about the wired, and not care about the outside world. This seems to be working on lain, she doesnt really seem to pay attention to reality much at all anymore.
    When ever the image appears in the sky it seems like she is “god” and to me the fact that she was nude symbolizes purity, and they holy spirit. The children seem to be praising to lain, as if she is their “god”.
    The KIDS system has thePsi power of the children, and lain seems to be the controller for the children. i think that the KIDS system makes lain feel that she has all the power, and that she is in control.. It seems like the wired and reality are starting to connect more and more, others are beginning to notice things that they wouldnt have noticed before. They are becoming more in- tune with things that are going on in the wired.
    Crossroad is typically when you come to a point where more than one path meets, and you must decide which road to take. Crosses have the symbolization of god in some religions,where christ is on the cross. It could mean that lain is the “christ” or “god” of the wired.
    The point of telling us about the KIDS is to give us a clue or hint as to how or where lain is getting her power, and why the children are starting to act the same in the wired and in reality.
    I think that the men in black are not the bad guys. Thye are sent to watch over lain, to protect her from the knights. They are stalking her to keep their eyes on her, to make sure she is okay.
    I dont really know why the knights would try to sabbatoge Lain, maybe they are the ones that are giving her the powers, and they dont want her to have them anymore, or they feel that she may use them to her advantage, and not to theirs.

  5. Shankar says:

    When her dad enters the room it is filled with water everywhere which symbolize the border between the real and the wired world. I think Lain is trying to set a solid difference between the real world and the wired world. On the other hand it is trying to show that the real world and wired world have come very close to each other and they are inter connected.
    Lain’s real friends are the true friends. they are there when she needs them. They share the moments of happiness and sorrow with each other. They are of great significance in Lain’s life. The wired friends are fair-weather friends. They try to be friends when lain is having a good time and leaves her when she is in desperate need of the help.They are only the friends of good times. I think it is a message for us to keep good friends and get rid of bad friends of the real world because good company makes a real difference in one’s life.
    When Lain appears in the sky she is nude and it represents angel and the spiritual power of the Almighty. I think she is the one who can save the teenagers who are in trouble and bring back their golden moments again.The white cross indicates that Lain is stuck in dilemma. She is unable to make the right choice at the right time. In other hand cross can be of religious significance.
    The purpose of telling the story of the kids system is to let the audience keep out of confusion and and for better understanding. I think MIBS are spy of knights. They are trying to follow every move of Lain and report to the knights.The Knights are trying to sabotage Lain because they fear the supreme power of Lain.

  6. I cannot tell what the water is symbolic of. I infer that the purpose of the cooling system is to cool the extensive computer machinery that is constantly getting more powerful as this saga continues. Lain’s perception in the wired and in reality are rather consistent which is verified by both the old man, and the talking mouth. She views her real friends, and friends in the wired in the same regard I assume, and interacts accordingly. The Psi power used in the kids system allows a direct link between individual minds, the more people connected, the more power that is able to be harnessed, and the more strong the connection. It would be the equivalent of a sites like facebook allowing actual connection through thought, which would be allowed because of the sheer numbers of individuals involved, though the KIDS project concentrates on a power that is found in children rather than adults. Lain’s appearance on a cross has an obvious Jesus reference, and this is employed during the scene where she is in the clouds and the children are reaching to the sky as if she is the messiah. I believe she is nude because as I’ve said in an earlier response she views herself the same in the wired and in real life. I think the nude portrayal also has a symbolism of a lack of fear of society. The purpose of telling the KIDS story gives a clear opposition to be contended with, and a narrative of what is actually happening with the duke nuke em game. The MIB’s have an intimidating attire easily threw me off in earlier episodes, but they now seem to have a purpose that doesn’t necessarily have a direct vendetta with Lain personally. Perhaps they are an Anti-virus program equivalent, or such.

  7. Joy Babin says:

    Lain’s room has grown with more wires and monitors. I’m not sure what the coolant or water would represent, but I’m sure it has something to do with the heat generated from all the computer devices. When Lain’s father checked in on her I was a little shocked he didn’t say anything about the huge mess or the lake of water covering her floor.

    Lain’s friends in the wired seem to have a purpose for their friendship. Even Lain questions their friendly personalities. They are possibly using her for her for some sort of power or maybe just to get information. Lain’s real world friends show actual concern for her personality change. They are afraid she is becoming introverted again and questioning her isolation. They even warn her of the two different types of friendships.

    When Lain appears in the sky she is portraying as God or a God-like figure. People have their hands raised to her as one would do while worshiping or praying in church. Her appearing naked would represent purity or holiness.

    I don’t quite understand the KIDS system but know it has something to do with their thoughts being combined into one. There seems to be some sort of power that goes with it. Maybe Lain is receiving the powers now that the system has one again become available.

    When you find yourself standing at a crossroad, there is some sort of life decision to me made. Lain has found herself at many crossroads lately, and I think this shows how important her upcoming decision may be. Also, the crossroad could almost be like a cross. This could just be another way to show she is some sort of God-like figure.

    I don’t believe the MIB are knights. When they first appeared outside her window a few episodes back they were made out to be knights. The MIB almost seem like they’re around to protect Lain. If she would have been in her room when the explosion occurred she possibly could have died. The MIB know how important she is in the real world as the knights know how important she is in the wired.

    The knights don’t necessarily care for Lain. I think they’ve used her for all they need or she may know too much. It’s probably in their best interest to get rid of Lain.

  8. Antonio Johnson says:

    Just when you think Lain’s room can’t get any more strange, the episode opens with many new additions to her set up. The main difference I noticed was the water, both on the floor and running through the tubes.Water is usually a symbol for life or the circle of life. In some cases in may even symbolize purity and blessings. Lain’s relationship with the knights seems to objective while her relationship with her real life friends is more genuine. Although Lain refers to the knights as “nice” in the beginning of the episode, they ignore her at the end and are said to have destroyed her cooling system. On the other hand her friends in real life simply spend time with her and try to make sure she isn’t alone.
    I’m not sure what the purpose is of Lain’s appearance in the sky, but I’m sure it symbolizes a god, or godly figure. It looks similar to a picture of Jesus with his arms open surrounded by clouds. It could be nude to represent purity like Adam and Eve before they ate from the forbidden fruit. Even the kids reach for the sky like Christians during a church service.
    Professor Hodgeson states that most kids have small amounts of PSI which is “just good intuition, or enough physically ability to bend a coin.” The professor relates PSI to ESP which is “perception or communication outside of normal human capability.” This may mildly relate to Lain because she is seen in several instances communicating with the dead and seeing things that others can’t.
    The cross that Lain is standing on could represent the crucifixion in which she is sort of a sacrifice for a greater good. It could also represent a cross roads I suppose where she has to make an important decision about the future
    I think the purpose of the KIDS story is to give a clue about true intentions of the knights, what they are capable of, and where they get their power. I’m still confused on what Lains primary conflict is. Another thing I’m completely confused about is who the MIB’s are, but I believe the knights sabotaged Lain because they began to see her as a threat. She clearly doesn’t consider them friends any more.

  9. Ayzia Kennedy says:

    Lain is beginning to work harder and harder on her computer and attaching new things to it and making it more high tech. Her computer appears to be the most powerful in the wired, due to the amount of research that she can do on it, only with her voice! When anyone sees her computer they are amazed. I’m not sure what the ton of water in her room symbolized but it might have something to do with all of the work she is doing on her computer. When her father walked in he didnt really know what to say about the leakage of water. I still dont think i have a complete understanding of what is going on with the leaking of water that she has in her room. Why didnt she get rid of it?

    Lain’s friends in the real world seem to be really concerned with he personality change, they always ask for an explanation and Lain isn’t really able to provide one because she doesnt know what is going on either. She seems really quiet when they are around, and when they have a conversation she is sort of like the outsider looking in.

    When Lain appears in the sky, she is portrayed as a godess and people have theyre hands raised to her as if they are worshipping her. In my eyes I saw this as being a symbol of the people in the wired seeing lain as a good because of how powerful she is and they are looking up to her. Maybe she is one of the gods in the wired.

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