Language Pet Peeve #4: The Oxford Comma

Don't forget that comma!

The other day, someone on Facebook posted this hilarious image about the Oxford comma. I could not agree more. However, I  never thought of it as an Oxford comma. I just thought it was a correct comma. At least, that is what they told me back in fourth grade. Back then, they called it a serial comma, and to avoid it was simply incorrect. They never said anything about Oxford. Maybe Oxford is the only place where people know how to use commas–along with Harvard, lest I forget, as it is also called a Harvard comma. Whatever the case, the Oxford comma is the best usage of commas in a list. Omitting this comma can sometimes lead to confusion, as is depicted in the image…unless, of course, that was what you meant. In that case, by all means omit it and make it rain for JFK and Stalin. After all, they are working hard for the money.

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