SEL Layer 5: Distortion

Lain’s sister Mika is having a hard time during this episode. What do you think is causing it? Is it Lain? What do you think the doll meant when she told Lain that there isn’t anything she doesn’t know? What does that mean about Lain? Please look at the discussion questions for this episode at and write your response here!

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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    Prophesy is a prediction of something to come in the future. Religion and mysticism is constantly predicting things to come, and telling people what they can do to prepare for these things. In religion and mysticism prophesy’s are used to scare, to give hope, to encourage change. I don’t know what the prophesy would be, and I don’t know why it is effecting Mika and not Lain.

    I think what the god character says is true, but I do not think the character is actually God. That the Wired and the world have no connection, also he seems to act as if the wired is a dangerous thing, one in which he is threatened by. The significance of the fact that only Lain hears the voice of God symbolizes her being in some way special.

    I think whatever is happening to Mika has to be connected to Lain, if not then it is a huge coincidence. I think were already starting to see the effect it has on Mika; she is confused, and struggling with these weird occurrences. I think if she doesn’t start getting answers as to why these things are happening to her than she will go crazy. The fact that Lain can see her sister’s apparition just gives us more proof that Lain is different and special. So far she has been able to see dead people, speak to God, speak in someone’s mind, and see her sister’s apparition.
    Lain’s room is gaining more electronic computer things every time we see it. This signifies that the wired is becoming a bigger part of her life every day.

    Lain is talking to apparitions, some that we know, some we’ve never seen before; their giving her answers and talking to her as if they know her. Her father’s apparition is somewhat similar to him, although he always avoids talking about the psyche and the Wired. We’ve never seen her mother talk much, however her apparition has much to say. The doll says she cannot tell Lain a story she doesn’t know; I’m not sure if this means the doll is a figment of her imagination, or if Lain is just very smart, and holds the entire knowledge one can. When the doll tells Lain that an event comes into being when there is a prophesy, I believe that means when there is a prediction of something to come, events start to unfold.

    I believe Lain was standing in the middle of the street because she was not aware of where she was. She was in her own head concentrating on something. Maybe Mika was able to see Lain on the screen because Lain is speaking to her personally. Lain might be the one sending Mika all the messages about fulfilling the prophesy.

    The mask says that events in history are not connected in a linear fashion but that they are instead made to connect. This confuses me, it might be the explanation of why she can talk to people from the past, present, and future.

  2. A Prophecy is a thought that attempts to forecast future events. When the doll is talking to lain, it seemed to me like a childhood lain talking to the doll, and when it tells her there is nothing that she doesn’t already know, I think it is attempting to explain prophecy. In my opinion the doll is trying to say that people make a prophecy actual. A thought is just a thought until it has been spoken, or written about, at that point it becomes an actual tangible thing that can influence the world around it. Therefore the prophecy is open for interpretation. This episode really kind of didn’t make a lot of sense to me, I’m thinking that maybe it’s attempting to imply that there are two identities for each individual that we might be mistaking as doppelgangers or whatever. Maybe these characters are trying to figure themselves out, and so they find themselves stretched between who they are, which influences the way they interact with the world around them, maybe showing 2 sides of the characters was the easier way to make this connection when forming the cartoon. I don’t know they’re just idea’s. The prophecy as far as I can tell is not discernible yet, and the religious tie’s aren’t strong enough with my knowledge of religions to coordinate a direct link with any religious philosophy concretely. When the mask says that the lines of history are not connected in a linear fashion, but are made to be connected, I think that is saying it is an individual that can take the information present, and form the prophecy / reality that they so choose. I have no idea what the statement, “Who is it today?” represents and don’t care to even go out on a limb on that one.

  3. Another thing to point out, what’s up with the white light in Lain’s dad’s glasses, and why do I feel like he is probably the “God” that speaks from the wired? Also, it would seem to make sense from a western philosophy standpoint, that it would be her father. Though this is a japanese created show… so.. ya.

  4. Shairyar Natha says:

    Prophecy for me is a set of sequences that lead to a greater result. In religions and mysticisms it is used in a way that certain acts of courage, bravery, etcectra in the past created the basis of the religion and mysticisms. For instance the act of sacrifice done by Jesus Christ created the religion Christianity. Similar acts have been done by leaders in other religions that have made their religion what it is now. Here the prophecy is being related to Mika, I think that Mika will do something that will result in starting something new in Lain’s life.
    I don’t think it’s true in real life but in the anime it seems true, since everyone is getting connected to the Wired one way or the other. Even in the beginning of the show, a girl commits suicide but exists in the World somehow. It seems as if mankind has found a way to evolve again but this time they are evolving from being human to being a spirit. Lain’s father also said that the wired is not connected to the real World, but it seems different. It seems more like a pathway being open to the wired for the real world. Lain is the only one who hears the voice of GOD. She seems special in some way since she could destroy the eye mechanisms off of the two people stalking her without a physical contact.
    Mika is suffering from out of body experience. Her body is with her family at the dining table while her mind is thinking about her being at a different location. I do not think that Lain ahs anything to do with this. We will probably see a change in Mika’s personality just like Lain changed. Lain was able to see Mika’s apparition because Lain has special powers. This is the only explanation that I have so far.
    Lain’s room is usually dark now it shows us that she is isolating herself from the outside world. Lain is talking to her doll in this episode. The doll says that she cannot tell Lain a story that Lain does not know. I think that the doll talking to Lain is just Lain’s imagination since the doll’s knowledge is limited to what Lain already knows. Plus we could not see the lip movement on the doll, we could hear the words but no such movement was present. I think that the prophecy thing that the doll mentions is that there has to be an act that triggers a bigger act into existence.
    The mask meant that whatever events take place now build up to a greater act. It does not change anything, it is merely an act that adds up to the greater event.
    Who is it today? Probably Lain knows who the next victim will be, as in this episode it was Mika. I think Lain knows who is controlling Mika’s personality.

  5. segun faleti says:

    Prophesy is simply predicting or saying what is going to happen in the future. It is common among religion and mysticism; whereby a prophet say what is going to happen to people or what has happened to them in the past, and also, it can be in a form of warning. The prophesy the doll is talking about could have to do with Lain’s future, her sister Mika or what is going to happen to the world in the future but it wasn’t specific.
    In some way, I think is true when God talks about humanity behavior and how they think or act; what I don’t understand is the exit he talked about but I guess he meant the way of communication among the people who live in the wire and people in real life. Lain’s father talked about how God only exist as a concept in the real world and how Deus of the wired might have had enough power to affect the real world in some instances. Lain must have had some kind of relationship with God or it might just be that she is the lucky one God chose.
    I think Mika is having the same experience Lain had at the beginning of the episode when she was first introduced to the wire. I believe she had a prophecy to fulfill which she is running away from, and I don’t think anybody can run away from prophesy. We have been seeing another side of Mika especially in this episode and I can’t say that Lain has nothing to do with it but it seems like they are all connected in the wire including their parent. Lain can see her sister walking in her foot step and I don’t there anything she can do to stop it. Lain’s room changing show us that she is getting more involved with the wire and the more she does, the more her room gets messier.
    Lain’s conversation with the ghost tells us that there has been a prophecy that have just fulfilled, but it seems like Lain didn’t know about it. Also, I have noticed that Lain want an answer to everything as she was asking the ghost who connects the lines; that tells us that Lain is a smart kid. What the doll meant by that saying an event only comes into being when there is a prophecy is that nothing happen without a prophecy, which means some people are always aware of some things before it happen.
    I can’t really tell why Lain is standing in the middle of the street but I guess it could be that she was not in the real world because base on the scene, she was chanting which could be her way of communicating with the wire. I believe Mika saw Lain’s image because there is a connection between the two.
    Lain’s mother explain the difference between the wire and the physical world. She said the body just exists only to fulfill one’s own existence. In other word, she’s saying that living in the wire is the real thing and not the physical way of living. When Lain ask the navi what is it today, i think she believe in the navi to get an explanaton of what happened that day.

  6. Shankar says:

    Prophesy is to forecast what will happen in the future. I think it is similar to predict The End of World in 2012. prophesy is used in religion and mysticism to convey the positive message from god, the Almighty to inspire the people to do right things and good karma during their life time and get rewarded after their death in heaven.
    Lain has gained special power and she is completely a different creature in the human world. She is superior to all of them. She can see dead souls roaming around, read people’s mind and feelings and she has become the master of the computer world. She is able to hear the god’s voice because she possess very special power that no one does.
    Mika is puzzled by the dramatic change that has occurred in Lain. She is lost what’s going on with her sister Lain. She tries to know what is all theta about. The more she wants to know about it, the more she gets confused and completely perplexed.
    Lain’s room is getting loaded with more computer wires day by day. She is getting more busy with the computer than the real world. It signifies that she has been drawn into the wired world than the real physical world.
    Apparition is the supernatural appearance of something or person , especially a ghost, a specter or phantom. I think , she has been able to meet those people and strangers she used to see before. Now it seems she has gone too far in the wired world . When Lain asks doll to tell the story, the doll says there is nothing she does not know, which means Lain is omnipotent. She has turned into omniscient.

  7. jessica zavala says:

    prophesy is simply predicting what is going to happen in the future.It is used in religion and mysticism daily. They preach to you about what is going to happen in the future, or what is going to be the outcome of something. They believe that because they have read, or heard stories that they know what is going to happen.I think that the prophecy here is towards mika, i think that she is going to impact on something that happens in lains future.
    I think what the “god” said is somewhat true, but somehwat not. when Lains dad talks about the dues of the wired i thin that he may have had a time where he was big in the real world and not just in the wired. Lain can hear the god unlike others because she has a special power, and connection that nobody else has.
    Mikas out od body apparance was kind of strange, i think that it is somehow related to Lain. i really dont have any other eexplanation to why this is happening to mika, but she is certantly changing. The fact that Lain saw mika apparation make me think even more that lain has some kind of special powers, she has already been able to do things that others can not do: see ghosts, and spirits, talk to god, talk to people through their minds, and now this…
    Lains room has way more computer things, and wires. She is getting more involved with the wiredd, so more wires are appearing in her room day by day.
    when lain is talking to the apparations in the episode some of the faces are familiar and some are not, they act completely opposite in reality as opposed to her apparations. when the doll tells Lain that there is no story she can tell her because she already knows everyhting i think that it is just a figment of lains imagination. the doll isnt really talking to lain she is just imagining what she wants to hear.
    When the doll says that an event comes into being when there is a prophesy, i think that she is saying that someone always know when an event is going to happen but the right person has to start unraveling the events within the main event.
    Im not really sure why lain is standing in the middle of the street, but mika can see her through the screen as if she is seeing her through the “wired” she isnt seeing reality she is seeing the wired.
    when The mask says that events in history are not connected in a linear fashion but that they are instead made to connect means that events are not made the same to everyone and only the right person can make thses events connect together to make one event. when ever lains mother tells her that that there is a difference between the world of information and the physical world she means that they way the you take in the information and nderstand it is different to the way that you actually physically use the information that you have processed. whenever The image of Lain’s father tells her a theory about the creation of another world in the Wired and suggests that a god lives there im not too sure what he means by this. when lain asks “who is it today” i think she is asking either who the next victim of the wired id or maybe who the god is today… i dont know still confused

  8. The idea of a prophecy is predicting what is going to happen in the future and what the effects of what happens. A good example of a prophecy is everyone saying that hte world is going to end in 2012. However prophecies arent always true because they are predictions, not always proven. Lain has changed in many ways in this episode, she begins to go change her presonality and her everyday actions as well. Mika, lain’s older sister is very concerned with these changes.

    The person who is suposidly “god” I think is correct. His predictions sound plausible even to the extent that he might have prior knowledge to what is going on. Which leads me to think that this “god” character isnt actually god, but someone that passed away and knows what is going on. This makes me think that he just wants to have control over what is going on, and I also think that he has some control over lain and her actions. The fact alone that she can hear him, and talk to him says that she is special and different from other people.

    As far as all of the things happening to Lain’s sister goes, I think that it has a lot to do with lain, because they didnt really start occuring before. Mika has been going through a lot of strange situations that she cannot explain and if she doesnt find answers to them she might explode. I think that lain is the only one that can give her the answers because she is the most aware of whats going on in the wired, however sometimes I think that, even that isn’t the case. Mika was going through the same thing that lain was going through in the beginning, however she was trying to run away from it more, where as lain was trying to tackle the issue head on.

    When the Doll tells lain that there isnt anything that she doesnt know about, I think that she was trying to drop a hint to Lain. Meaning that she is aware of all upcoming events, possibly including the prophecy. The fact that lain can even communicate with the doll is strange alone, but I also think that the doll is in her imagination. Maybe even a form of her concience. The doll says that there is no story that she can tell her because she already knows everything, which clearly means that the doll is attached to her in some way. Or simply that she has already heard them before.

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