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SEL Layer 8 Rumors

Lain’s reach into the internet is increasing. How is she changing as a person? What character traits has she developed or lost? Look at the discussion questions for this episode at and post your responses here! Advertisements

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SEL Layer 7 Society

Lain has attracted attention from some interesting sources. The MIBs are working for a mysterious person who asks Lain questions about her identity. Why doesn’t she know the answers to these quetions? What does it mean about her? In other … Continue reading

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SEL Layer 6: Kids

Now we are nearing the middle of the series, and we can see significant changes in Lain and in her relationship with the Wired and with the real world. You may be able to recognize some recurring themes and concepts. … Continue reading

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Language Pet Peeve #4: The Oxford Comma

The other day, someone on Facebook posted this hilarious image about the Oxford comma. I could not agree more. However, I ┬ánever thought of it as an Oxford comma. I just thought it was a correct comma. At least, that … Continue reading

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SEL Layer 5: Distortion

Lain’s sister Mika is having a hard time during this episode. What do you think is causing it? Is it Lain? What do you think the doll meant when she told Lain that there isn’t anything she doesn’t know? What … Continue reading

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There’s a fine line…

Recently, a friend of mine referred to his mother as an asshole. I was astonished. I have never even thought that about my mother, and I can hardly imagine someone thinking such a thing. You might think your dad is … Continue reading

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