SEL Layer 4: Religion

A little girl chases a terrified boy.

Lain has changed a lot in this episode. Just look at the state of her room! She seems to be more outgoing with her friends and is even talking to more people on the internet. It is common for people at this time of life to explore and develop their social skills. Lain, however, seems to be venturing into some dangerous areas. Look at the “Thinking about” questions on and respond to episode 4 here!

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  1. Antonio Johnson says:

    Lain’s sister Mika seems like a typical teenager; somewhat disobedient and keeps to herself,. I may be over thinking this, but the way she changed her first choice of drink then looked around as if to see if someone was watching makes me believe she wasn’t supposed to be drinking it. Also when her mother rebukes her for her tone she simply walks away as if she doesn’t care. The kind of disobedience she exhibits is different than what Americans might consider bad. Mika only questioned her what her father was saying, but her mother reacted as if she had yelled at him. Later Lain’s mother asks if Mika is right about Lain’s weird activities and her father confirms it. I personally don’t see anything wrong with her activities, but Lain’s parents react as if they have seen them before and know the outcome will be bad.
    I think the segment with the game shows how the line wired and the real world is starting to blur. Even Lain herself states that “the border between the two [worlds] isn’t all that clear.” I believe phantoma symbolizes how the wired lacks physical forms. Especially within the game, the things the players experience are only an illusion.
    In Lain’s room there are tons of wires and electronics. So far in the anime these have represented connection between people. Similarly, Lain has become much more social with her friends, and even more so with people she communicates with via her computer. As a reaction to this her father is seen a few times peeping into her room, and even gives her a warning. I doubt her father is intrigued, and based off of his warning I want to say that he has seen or experienced this before. Her father might think she is heading down a certain “path of destruction” and wants to make sure she doesn’t go to far.
    As far as the voices on the wired, I have no clue what they’re talking about. It sounds like several different people having different conversations and thoughts. The only thing I could possibly think of is that everyone’s thoughts are linked together, and in a way, the wired is one big human conscious made up of several people’s conscious.
    Finally, to my favorite part of this episode when Lain somehow destroys the man’s eyepiece. I have thoroughly thought this through and I think that Lain how modified her navi so much that it is able to connect other electronics through the wired. When Lain says “go away,” her computer, which is clearly able to respond to voice commands, does it’s techy stuff and is able to somehow destroy the device. In this case it would make sense for the navi to say “intruder interrupted” once it had destroyed what was interrupting Lain.

  2. Chelsea Turri says:

    I think Mika’s character seeks attention, and feeds off of other peoples actions. She sees Lain half naked and acting strange, so she decides she will drink a bottle of what seems to be something off limits to her. Propriety is considered a serious matter in Japan. Your kids are taught to respect you, and not to speak out of place. Her parents seem to be disappointed that Lain is acting strangely, it is having an effect on them, but they refuse to make it a big deal or make it public. They deny Lain acting different towards her sister, because if they admitted she was, it was almost be as if Lain’s parents were giving up authority in the house, or admitting there was a problem.
    The segment about the game illustrates confusion, frustration, and fear, within the people apart of the game, and the viewers. Although Lain’s father tells her there will never be a connection between the wired and the real world, Lain disagrees with him. Lain says there is an indistinctive boundary between the two, and she is getting closer to connecting them. Rumor has it changes are being made by “the knights”. Also the psyche professor supposedly allows a person to enter the wired. I think the name Phantoma comes from the word phantom. It seems the little girl that keeps appearing, that everyone is so scared of is in some connection with the video game. She acts as a phantom, mysterious, frightening, and always appearing.
    Lain’s room changed a lot in this episode, and so did she. During the whole episode we were viewing Lain’s alter ego. Also I think Lain has become so hooked on the wired that it is becoming more real to her than the actual world is. Lain is much more talkative and daring in this episode. I believe her alter ego is appearing more and more. Lain’s father has been watching her, and is starting to notice her changes. I don’t think he knows exactly why she is changing, but I think he is aware that it is due to the wired, and the psyche professor. When Lain has an interaction with JJ we learn that she is an adult, or he thinks she is. We also learn that Lain’s alter ego can either get into people’s mind, and talk to them, or she can disappear really fast. The voices in the wired are talking about several different things, and different conversations, some important things to remember were the conversations about the video game, people were lost, and scared.
    Lain seems to have destroyed the eyepiece with her mind. I think the computer helps her gain the powers she seems to have developed in this episode, but she is in control. When her computer says “intruder interrupted” it leads you to believe the two men outside of Lain’s window were in the middle of doing something. By lain destroying the man’s eyepiece, they were no longer able to continue whatever they were trying to obtain or accomplish from Lain’s room.

  3. Shairyar Natha says:

    It shows us that Mika is given less consideration from her parents unlike Lain. When Mika makes a comment to her dad what wasn’t even rude at all, her mom gets angry, but when Lain contradicts her dad and argues that he is wrong about the wire, no one does anything to her. It seems like Lain is given more attention from her parents and Mika is mostly ignored as if she was an unwanted child. From the parents reaction to Mika it seems like a child can’t even say a single word that may or does go against his/her parents respect. It seems like in Japan, the parents have a strict behavior towards their children. Lain’s parents seem to be worried about Lain’s strange behavior since the mom tries to make the dad feel better and increases his hopes that everything will be fine.
    The game seems realistic as if it’s really happening . I think that the door which limited the wire to entering the real World has been unsealed and now the wire is becoming a part of the real World. Phantoma is a game which seems real. It’s like a game in which you have opponents and in order to win you have to kill the other players.
    Lain seems to have a bigger Wire system now and it seems like she is too busy with her Wire that she is forgetting that there is a place outside of her room. She is spending her entire time inside her room on the Wire which seems as if she is addicted to the system. She has started answering back now. In the starting Lain was so innocent and never spoke to anyone to argue or anything, but in this episode Lain argues against what her dad tells her. It seems like she is less conservative now.
    Lain’s father is watching Lain because he feels worried about her. He knows that the Wire is doing something to her which is changing her behavior and way of thinking. Her father seems to know what the wire can do to someone and he doesn’t want Lain to be that involved into the Wire system.
    In the episode we hear other people talking on the Wire. They are all talking about random stuff, some are blackmailing others while some are fooling around but it seems like the Wire is a way to communicate with everyone who is on it. The privacy is limited and anyone can hear what the other connected person is saying.
    In the end of the episode Lain seems to somehow destroy the eyepiece off of the two men stalking her by just glaring. It seems to me that Lain has gotten super powers from the Wire. The wire says that an indtruder interrupted, it is referring to the two men interrupting the connection between Lain and the wired.

  4. Justin Deborde says:

    Lain’s sister Mika seems to be the normal sister, whereas Lain would be more of the weird one. Propriety is placed as more important in Japan than it is here in America. However, when alone, Mika drinks from the bottle as a typical teenager would. So we see here that propriety is something that is probably displayed more in public, or when in the presence of others.
    The segment of the game illustrates that the Wire and the real world are starting to connect; just as the network game Phantoma and a kindergartner game of tag have connected – as if they are one application. The name Phantoma to me translates to the word “phantom”, which probably isn’t anything good that will come out of this game in the future.
    Lain’s room has completely changed. She has wires all over the place and parts of her Navi scattered around her. This symbolizes the change of her personalities. Her more outgoing side is becoming increasingly dominant. Her father is watching her because he wants to make sure that she doesn’t confuse the two worlds of the Wired and the real world. He wants to protect her. But she tells him that she is almost able to enter into the Wired, which seems to concern him.

  5. Segun Faleti says:

    I guess Mika is acting this way because she’s seeing the other side of her sister that she never saw before. In this case, two things may be going through her mind, 1, maybe she’s jealous of her sister and 2, maybe she just care so much about her sister and her well being. I believe she might be trying to do something weird too which led her to drinking from a bottle in the refrigerator, as it was showed in the episode, it seems like she had never done that before and that may be the reason she looked around before she drank. About the comment Mika made to her father about her sister’s behavior, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but I guess it is wrong in Japan. It seem like parent in Japan are more strict when it comes to having a conversation with their children, that could also be the reason Mika left after her mother’s harsh respond. Lain’s parent didn’t seem like they react toward Lain’s behavior because the only reaction her father made was warning her about the wire.
    Phantome is a game with a dedicated client application that lets people fight in the wired.
    Lain’s room is messy because she is trying to put her Navi together. In this episode, she has her Navi system all over her room; I believe she is still in the process of knowing more about it while she put it back together.
    Lain’s father looks like a computer analysis or at least someone who knows about computer. His reason for peeping at Lain could be because he thinks Lain may be doing something wrong on the computer or trying to figure out something that might endanger her life. So I guess he is doing that to protect her or to make sure she’s doing the right thing on her navi.
    Lain’s interaction with JJ is about phantoma. It looks like Lain is very interested in knowing all about the phantoma. She might be interested in the game because there’s a connection between her and the game. Also, she seems to appear as an adult to JJ but I wasn’t very sure about that but according to JJ, she is an adult.
    The voices on the wired are talking about different kinds of things, some are asking for help, some are being serious, while some are just messing around. I believe it is some kind of way they communicate between themselves; even though, there’s no privacy in their conversation.
    Lain could destroy the eyepiece men with the help of her Navi or some kind of power from the wire. It doesn’t look like she knows what happen at that time because she was just telling them to go away in an angry voice, but her Navi respond to her order and destroy their eyepiece. The computer said intruder interrupted because the men are distracting Lain from concentrating on the wire.

  6. jessica zavala says:

    Mika goes to the refrigerator and grabs a bottle, but then picks up a different one. When she drinks out of the botthle she looks around as if she is making sure that nobody is looking. This makes me thing two things. First, mika should not have drank that beverage. Second, she is just being a lazy teenager. Mika seems like she is changing. She normally would not have acted that suspicious about drinking someething. she would have just grabbed a cup. Mika seemed to be the “normal” child up until that action. Something about her personality is changing. When ever Mika make the comment about Lain to her father, her mother tells her not to use that tone with her father. That was kind of odd because Mika didnt even seem to give her father ant different tone, or any attitude. Her parents seem to want more respect from Mika then from lain because Lain can completely talk down to her father and she doesnt get in any type of trouble, but then when Mika makes a simple comment she gets lectured. Propriety seems to be more serious in Japan than in America, they expect their children to always respect them, and they are more strict on them. I think that Lain’s parent know that there is something weird about her, but they dont want to face the truth.
    The segment about the game is showing that in a way the wired and reality are starting to become connected. The people that are dying are all apart of this phantoma. everyone in the game seems to be really scared because they are not playing the game at the time, but it still seems like they are in the game. It’s an illusion that is slowly becoming reality.
    Lain’s room is really messy. This shows that she has stopped caring about things because she is getting so attached to the wired, and to her navi. She has even chosen her Navi,nnad the wired over her friends, and they began to see the change that is happening with Lain even more. This is taking her away from reality. it is connecting her reality to the wired. Lain’s father is watching to make sure that she is not doing anything bad, and also to protect her. He wants her to know the difference between the wired and reality, and he doesnt want her to confuse the two. He is only trying to look after her.
    When lain talks to JJ we get the understanding that she is an sdult, or her alter ego is. we also learn that her alter ego has a way of making people hear thing, have illusions. Or she may just have the ability to dissapear quickly. The voices from the wired are a bunch of random people talking, and a lot of different conversations. the wired seems to be a way of communication for everyone that is connected to it.
    Lain seems to have broke the mans eyepiece with her mind, and with help of the wired. All of a sudden she closes her eyes and then the wind seems to blow harder, and its enough pressure to break them. Whenever her navi says “intruder interrupted” it makes me think that the men that were outside of Lain’s window wer attempting to do something, but her navi stopped them from doing whatever it is they were trying to do. The men drove off quickly as if they were trying to escape.

  7. Joy Babin says:

    Mika is like any typical teenager. The “tone” she uses when speaking to her father is found very disrespectful in her culture. While it is seen the same in other countries, the demand for respect has lessened over time unfortunately. Mika questioned her father because she knows Lain’s sudden changes are obvious. You would have to be blind not to notice them. I find it interesting that while he hides his concerns from Mika, he is extremely worried when speaking to her mother. They both are concerned actually. It’s almost as if they have knowledge of what’s ahead.

    In the game Phantoma, players enter into different worlds to fight their opponents. I would assume Phantoma comes from the word phantom, which is defined as a distortion of the senses. The players are able to become someone they are not in the real world. With illegal downloading, different games in the wired are starting to link together. This causes an innocent, kindergarten game of hide and seek to merge with a teenage game involving guns.

    Lain’s room has changed from a little girl’s room with many stuffed animals to a room full of computer screens, parts, and wires everywhere. Her introverted personality has quickly changed so much in such a small amount of time. She has gone from friendless to a small social group, and is also very comfortable talking to JJ. It’s almost as if Lain’s alter ego has become present day Lain.

    Ok so this has nothing to do with the questions, but everything to do with this topic. I have recently wondered if this series is supposed to be a metaphor more than just entertainment (or assignment). My belief is in some a kind of warped way we are being shown how social networking, or even the internet itself, connects people on a daily basis. It is very common, and easy, for a person to change their physical appearance or personality while hiding behind monitors. A person is given the power to become anyone they choose. Even more recent, online issues are causing teenagers to take their lives. Social networks make a person’s life an open book for the world to see (this is what I feel the voices in the wire represent). If you think about it, all of today’s online problems have been a focus on these last few episodes, but in an “entertainment” sort of way. I may be way off, but can’t help but strongly feel this way.

  8. In response to Lain Ep. 4 on the question of propriety it seems that openly questioning your siblings is not something that is acceptable. Maybe there is a possible closed door policy that exists in the culture, that I am not knowledgeable enough about to conclude, but it is affirmed by the fact that the two parents share their concern between each other once the sister has exited. The disarray that has become Lain’s bedroom is indicitive of a person who has an intent focus on something that is causing them to stop focusing on things that maybe they once had. We know that it is the wired that she has become focused on, and the scene where her father is looking into the room, and tries to warn her of the dangers of misconstruing the wired for reality I think illustrates the hopelessness that many parents probably share realizing their child is to a certain extent an exact blueprint of their own traits. I think he see’s himself in his daughter, and it might even be argued that the mother see’s herself in the sister, by the way that she tells her not to question her sister. This is a leap of assumption on my part though so….. The Phantoma is reminiscent of Duke Nuke’ Em, which was a genre changing first person shooter game in the early 90’s, in real life. By name phantoma means Ghost, or figment of the imagination. The cause of worry with this game, and the re-writing of the code which allows it to be played by children, would definitely be the worry of children being exposed to things that are not age appropriate, and in turn stunting, or modifying their development in a manner that isn’t acceptable in the culture. When the two men show up towards the end of the episode, and one of their eye pieces shatters, it is because Lain has concentrated herself and is somehow able to do this. Earlier in this episode, or a previous one, these two guys tell Lain’s sister that they are not really there, so perhaps they are characters in the Phantoma game.

  9. Shankar says:

    Mika is shocked when she sees Lain in underwear because she has never seen her before in such a get up. Lain used to wear very simple and casual dresses even though she went out for clubbing with her friends. Now something has really triggered her that has brought drastic change on her. Mika could not believe her eyes what she has just seen. She even drank something (may be alcoholic beverage) straight from the bottle that was not for the minors and disobeyed her mother when she told her not to do that. She yelled back at her and gave her grumpy look and went towards her room. It shows there is big change in her character as well. Lain’s parents are shocked when they see big change in Lain.
    Propriety is a culture and honorable manner of the Japanese people which is done by bowing down the head. its similar to greeting the people with respect before starting any conversations or important works. It is the identity of the Japanese people.
    I think the connection between the wired world and real world has already started in the Series Lain. Lain has already started to communicate with the strange people of the mysterious world. Lain is getting closer to them day by day. Phantoma is a Golden Bat , a super hero of Japanese series who used to fight against evils. I think its similar to the batman of these days.
    Lain’s father is surprised of her weird and creepy behavior such as sitting on the computer screen wearing underwear and not listening to her parents at all. He is confused what’s going on with his daughter. He has started to think something unusual is going to happen pretty soon. There are two men following her everywhere. she was able to destroy their eyepiece by the help of psyche.

  10. In this episode lain’s personality has changed a whole lot. In the beginnig she was a very introverted person and she always kept to her self. But now she is always going out with her friends and talking more. She is not the only one who has noticed that change, her friends have noticed it also. While lain is changing, so is her sister. Something has to have happened to her in order for her to be acting the way she is. However the way that she acts towards her parents, in my opinion is perfectly normal for her age, but besides the age I know that to communicate to your parents in that way, in that culture is extremely rare and often frowned upon.

    Another major part of Lain’s life that has changed is her bedroom. In the beginning lain appears as a young, innocent teenage girl that has a room surrounded by weird stuffed animals, and even her clothes besides her uniform were quite immature compared to all of her other friends. Her room went from being filled with stuffed animals to being filled with wires. Her computer is beginning to get more and more complex with all of the wires and other parts that are being attached to it. I kind of feel like lain is getting more and more sucked into the computer world because it is now getting the majority of her time.

    Lain has already started to communicate with the people in the wired and the connection between the wired and the real world has already been established. I think that now things are going to begin to get more and more hectic the more people realize what is going on. I also think that the Lain is going to be the main culprit of it all, judging by the amount of stuff that she has caused already.

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