SEL Layer 3: Psyche

This week my students at Northlake watched episode three of Serial Experiments Lain, “Layer 3: Psyche.” In this episode, we see the culmination of the event at the club. Lain ends up at the police station. When she gets home, she does not find her parents there. In the morning, she finds her mother in the kitchen, but her mother acts as if nothing strange has happened. Similarly, her father reacts strangely when Lain asks him about the Psyche processor. What is going on with Lain’s parent? Look at the questions for “Layer 3: Psyche” on my website and post your response to the episode by replying to this message!

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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    Lain seems to have an alter ego that is completely opposite of her usual self. Situations where a person doesn’t know Lain as her regular self, but only the alter ego side of her is generally what brings about her other personality. Lain’s alter ego seems to have earned respect, and brings a bit of fear to others. In the beginning of the episode Lain is back to her regular, shy personality. She stays quiet when being questioned by the police officers. It is hard to tell if she stays quiet because of her shy, introverted personality, or if her silence is because she simply doesn’t remember any of the events that went on at the club. In the end of the episode we see Lain’s alter ego, wearing almost no clothes, very focused, outgoing and interactive towards her sister, also showing a lot of expression on her face, which we’ve yet to see in the previous episodes.
    Psyche (psychology), a concept of intangible self
    Psyche (journal), a periodical on the study of consciousness
    Soul in the Bible, or psyche, spirit or soul in philosophy and theology
    Calling a computer processor psyche could explain the value of how knowledgeable and powerful this specific processor is. It also makes you wonder if the processor has some responsibility of creating Lain’s alter ego.
    It is interesting that Lain’s parents aren’t home when she gets home, but I am not yet sure how or why. If they were home, she would have a lot of questions to answer. Her parents might have seen clues that we have, regarding her alter ego. When her mother is at her house in the morning, and plays clueless to anything that happened the night before, it makes me think that maybe Lain’s parents also have secrets.
    Regular Lain is in the background to most characters in the show. Arisu and Lain’s father are the only characters who seem to take any interest in the quiet Lain. Lain’s alter ego however, attracts a lot of attention, characters fear, respect, and like her. Her father’s reaction to Lain’s question about the psyche processor leads us to believe the subject makes him uncomfortable in some way, and he knows much more about the processor than he is leading us to believe. The kids at Cyberia explain to Lain how to use the processor. They also explain that most people take up a different personality in the wired, but what is different is Lain’s is completely opposite her regular self. The way Lain is dressed at the end of the episode is really the first time we get to see her complete alter ego, the one everyone else has spoken so much about. When her sister sees Lain in this state, she is confused and surprised. This lets us know her sister has never seen Lain’s alter ego previous to this.

  2. Justin Deborde says:

    This episode portrayed Lain as more dynamic than we’ve ever seen her. Everything seems to be changing in her world; This is definitely where her adventure will begin in the Serial Experiments.

    After talking to police, she goes home to find that nobody is there. She doesn’t seem too bothered by it until the morning, when she ask’s her mother where they were last night. The mother looks back and doesn’t appear to know what Lain is asking. This is the first time that the mother’s face was showed for more than a couple seconds. I interpret that as foreshadowing with her parents; Something is probably going to happen to them that will cause Lain to fully bring out her alternate-ego.

    Lain finds this object in her locker at school called a “psyche”. Her ‘friends’ that pick on her didn’t seem to know what it was or find it interesting. So she goes back to Cyberia, the club. When she’s at the club, some kids at a table seem to recognize and know her, but she has never met them before. There’s also a guy that notices her as she first enters Cyberia. He told her that she could plan the next rave, giving you a little insight of the opposite personality that Lain has seemed to take on at times.

    After asking her father about the psyche, he seemed to act very strange and quickly drop the conversation. With a little insistence on Lain’s part, he gets a slight attitude and with a rude tone denies knowing anything about it again. Lain knows she has something that must be powerful.

    By the end of the episode she is in her bedroom trying to figure out how to install the psyche to her computer. Most of her clothes are missing, and Lain’s sister strikes this as odd. I’ve always understood Lain to be conservative and modest, but we seem to only know the surface of her personality. There is so much more waiting to be unveiled.

  3. Shairyar Natha says:

    Lain seems to be different from the usual Lain we have been seeing yet. Lain goes to the club and finds out that all the people there seem to know her name but the Lain they know seems to be different from the real Lain. She goes to the club trying to find out what the chip is that she gets from a brown letter placed inside her locker. In the starting of the episode she is confused and lonely and quite. But by the end she is dressed differently and is happy. I think that Lain is becoming the Lain all the people in the Cyberia club think she is. The wild Lain. She is dressed differently, that is she keeps herself covered for the most part and wears very conservative attire. But towards the end she was wearing a night dress which barely covered her.
    According to my understanding, a psyche is a computer chip that when installed will open a pathway from the real world to the world of people who no longer exist. According to Wikipedia, the word soul is used sometimes as a replacement to the word psyche. Basically soul and psyche can have the same meaning somehow. Therefore I think that using this new chip called psyche will open a door that will enable Lain to communicate with the dead.
    From what I observed when Lain comes back home, there is no one home and she heads to her bedroom. She sleeps wearing a black t-shirt after removing a jacket from her body but when she wakes up she is wearing a bear costume. I think that the two scenes they show are from a different time span. So, when wakes up the next day, it isn’t the next day but some day when her mom is present. Probably the two scenes we see are about two different Lains. One is the doppelganger while the other one is the real Lain.
    What conclusion I came to by what the people from the club tell Lain is that there is someone like Lain who is much more wilder than the real Lain and who loves to party. Lain probably has a doppelganger who looks like her but parties more. It seems like Lain’s father was trying to ignore her and was trying to hide some knowledge that he knew about the psyche. We learn from the kids at the club about the power of the psyche chip and that it’s hard to get one Lain is dressed differently in the end and acts differently too as if she is not the real Lain. Her sister seems shocked by seeing her as if Lain would not act like that at any time.

  4. Jessica Zavala says:

    This episode gave us a different view of lain it wasn’t the lain that we usually see. She seems out of her own world. In the beginning lain is her quiet regular self she stays quiet when being questioned by the police. She seems to not know what is going on, but toward the end she is her “alter-ego” She is not fully dressed and she seems to make people fear her, she is definantly not acting like herself. Psyche is the human soul, mind, and spirit. Calling the computer proffesor psyche may mean that whenever you use the computer, it has contol over your body, and it is responsible for the actions that you take..
    When Lain arrives at home she finds that there isn’t anyone at home it doesn’t seem to matter to her at night. She just goes to her room removes her jacket and falls asleep. When she fell asleep she was wearing a black shirt, but when she wakes uo she is wearing her bear pajamas. She goes to the kitchen in the morning to have breakfast and her mom is there. I think that maybe this shows the alter ego of lain. At night it was her alter ego, and when she wakes up it is regular Lain.
    Whenever lain asks her dad about the Psyche chip he is very hesitant to answer and immediately tries to drop to the conversation acting like he doesnt have a lot of knowledge about it, but it’s clear that he knows more than he says. He just doesnt want to explain.
    Lains alter ego gets a lot of attention. Others’ seem to really like her. The kids a cyberia explain to lain how to use the psyche. When she goes back to the club a group of people recognize her but she has never met them before. In the end of this episode Lain exposes her alter ego to her sister. She has on very little clothing, her sister is in shock. she has not seen lain like this, just like us she knows lain as quiet and consevative. This is a completely different Lain.

  5. Segun Faleti says:

    It seems like this episode is showing us the other side of Lain, the Lain we have seen so far before this episode is quiet and shy. However, this new Lain is the exact opposite. Even though, at the beginning of the episode, we saw a little bit of the old Lain when she was talking to the police officer but the Lain that started the episode is not the Lain that ended it. Lain did some unexpected things that the old Lain wouldn’t have done like going back to the club to find out or ask questions about psyche. Old Lain wouldn’t want to go back to that kind of place not to talk of having conversation with other people. Also, the way she talked back at the two men that came to her house was unbelievable and seeing that side of her, I can tell that there’s been some kind of transition between the old Lain and the new one.
    I want to believe that the psyche they are referring to have to do with computer because in this episode, the kids had explained to Lain how she can use the psyche with her computer. Calling a computer processor psyche could be because it has some kind of information stored on it or has a significant value that has to do with Lain.
    I wasn’t exactly sure why Lain’s parents are not home when the police called but I’m guessing it might just have been a coincident. What I don’t understand is why her parent didn’t seem to care about what happened to her that night. I believe the police must have left them a message; also, she was going to tell her mother about it but with the expression on her face, I think she don’t really care to know.
    Lain seems to be hearing a lot from spirit in her own world more often, even in class, she lack concentration because the spirit are always talking to her. Her father’s reaction towards Lain question was suspicious; I believe Lain knew that he was lying when he said he doesn’t know anything about the psyche. I also guess he’s hiding something from her that have to do with psyche processor. The kids at Cyberia were the one who enlighten Lain about the importance of the psyche. It is very clear that lain have no idea about what she was holding until the kids explain to her what it is. Lain dressed in at end of the episode is showing us another change in Lain’s life.

  6. Joy says:

    Lain comes across very confused at the police station. It’s almost felt she didn’t recall the suicide that occurred right in front of her eyes. Throughout this episode her mind is back and forth between what seems like reality and the wired world. She hears voices from her notebook at school, her monitor at home, and the street wires. This other part of her life is eager to have her cross over into their world. There are several scenes showing Lain’s changes. She is her normal self while talking to the three people in the club, but her personality quickly changes when the guy asks for a date with wild Lain. She becomes very aggressive every time her mind crosses over. Her eyes get a little bigger and she stands taller. Her timid personality is traded for confidence.

    In cognitive psychology the word psyche refers to a person’s mind. The computer’s processor along with its detached psyche, are starting to influence Lain’s mind. Her personal and wired psyche are either merging or crossing sides. At the end of this episode the wired psyche completely takes over.

    Lain’s parents are very closed off people. It was very strange for them not to be home at that hour of the night. Maybe it was a coincidence, but nothing has been a coincidence thus far. Her mother is not a woman of many words. That could be her way of hiding their possible secret life. Her father knows more about the psyche than he is willing to talk about. I’m not sure if he’s trying to protect his daughter from the other world, or if it has anything to do with her wired personality. Maybe he’s protecting himself from what she could become with the psyche attached to her computer?

    People are very intimidated by Lain’s alter ego. She is told several times her two personalities are nothing alike. It’s obvious she’s been to the same club before the suicide incident, but what I cant seem to understand is which world did it take place? While talking to the three people at the club days later, he states he’s seen her in the wired. Could the two worlds be identical? When Lain is asked to help plan another rave she seems as thought she has no idea what a rave is. Her wired life is obviously more if a party-girl type lifestyle. She’s the center of attention is that world. When her sister walks in on Lain attaching the psyche to her computer Lain seems perfectly fine in what she’s wearing. Almost seemed normal even though shy Lain would never be caught in anything so revealing.

    1. That was a good response.

  7. Antonio Johnson says:

    Lain is becoming more and more interested in the wired. I wouldn’t say she wasn’t interested at all before this episode, but in the past episodes “the wired” was unreachable except through death . When she obtained the psyche, a device which allows full access to the wired, she becomes obsessed with it. She craves for more knowledge and even deconstructs her navi. Her father seems reluctant to have anything to do with psyche she brought home, and even her sister is shocked at the end, so apparently this is something even her family wouldn’t expect. The psyche, as said in the anime, is a computer processor which allows full access into this other world called the wired. A processor is the brain of the computer follows a set of instructions given by programs to perform certain tasks. Although it models the human brain it is nowhere near as powerful. I think the wired is another world inside of the real world. In a way I think of it like the internet, and people living inside the internet. If this were the case I would imagine no computer could process the thoughts, consciousness, and existence of the people living in the wired, but with a “psyche,” this could be possible. I would assume it gets it’s name for it’s ability to provide access into the consciousness of humans in the wired. It doesn’t seem like Lain as any significant relationships with anyone, even her family. In Lain’s time of need her family isn’t there to help her. This emphasizes the lack of “connection” in the real world. By analyzing how others treat Lain, we can compare the real world to the wired. From the kids reaction to the psyche we can tell that it something with great value and hard to come by. At the end of the episode she is seen for the first time wearing a night gown. Change is an important aspect of this episode so the change in her clothing could represent the change in her thinking and actions

  8. Shankar says:

    Lain has started to socialize with her friends and the community. She started to go to the clubs and talk to the new friends and she seemed to enjoy their company as well. Now she has started to make conversation with the new people she meets in the school and the club. At the beginning of the episode she was a silent girl haunted with the return of the dead girl and the email sent to her. but now the story is completely different. She has changed drastically and she looks like she has stepped in the real world.
    Psyche refers to the human soul, spirit , or mind , one of the most important component of the human body. Computer processor and psyche are inter related because computer processor delivers the instructions for a computer program and it is the major component that carries out the computer functions.similarly, the human mind controls the whole body system and tells the body what to do and what is right and what is wrong.
    I think there is some untold top secrets that lies with in Lain’s family. Her parents are well aware of what is going on with Lain . However, they pretend to be ignorant and they are hiding something BIG from Lain and the spectators.

  9. I think that the psyche is somehow referring to SELF in this episode, I know Freud had the ID, Ego, and Super-Ego theory, though I haven’t taken a psychology class since 2004 so I’m a bit dated on that knowledge, but I think that this episode is dealing with those three concepts maintaining themselves. The Wired seems to be the internet, and the correlation between this episode and reality is the way people sometimes are more open when they get onto the internet, versus face to face, though not always. I think the chip that Lain receives is a turning point because it is metaphorically implying that with that knowledge she will be able to express herself uninhibited in the wired, as well as in reality, if she realizes this. The kids at the club are attempting to explain this to her, but she doesn’t seem to have grasped it quite yet, as evidenced when she goes home and asks her father what it is. The end of the episode finds Lain dressed almost in the naked and I think that it is implying just that, that once the psyche is installed, a dressed down, and uninhibited person will emerge that is the same person in mind and body, but maybe not, guess I’ll see next episode.

    1. also I wonder if her mother is alive. She has been shown in white background twice now.

  10. In this episode It is now clear to me that Lain has an alter ego. Im not sure if she is so aware of what is going on with herself but the people around her definately know. Like for example, people are saying that they see another version of her at the club, that is apparently completely different from who she is as her normal self. Knowing that, i think is one of the things that caused her to become more, and more involved with the wired. She has also changed into a new person, or maybe she hasnt, it might just be another one of lains alter egos. I say this because she is now doing things that the old lain would not do. Like going to places like Cyberia. Knowing the way that Lain was before she would never set foot into a club like that because she is too shy.

    I believe that the psyche is invading lains mind. At first it only took up a part of lains mind but towards the end of the episode that became the main part of her mind. Lain has a series of alter egos and quite frankly they all intimidate people. Including her sister, the time that her sister was intimidated is when she walked in lains room and she was wearing something that was extremely revealing while she was working on the computer. Her sister was pretty much lost for words after seeing this, as her parents were. Usually lain wouldnt wear something that revealing, this is what bothered her family. I also think that by the reaction of the kids when they saw the psyche that it is something rare and powerful. Lain is now looked at different because she is involved with it.

    I think that lains family, especially her parents knew something something about the wired before anyone else did. They dont really talk much but when something strange happens they tend to isolate themselves because i think that they had prior knowledge and maybe they were especially scared when they saw their daughter get involved, and abandoned all hope.

  11. In this episode lain appears to have a diversity of alter egos, and they all have totally different personalities from her own. Her friends and family are beginning to notice the change in her personality and bringing it to the light. Her friends are saying that they saw her places that she doesnt even remember going to, and they even say that she is dressed differently outside of her normal attrie when she is there. Lain stumbles accross a chip that was placed in her locker called a “psyche” asnd she doesnt exactly know what it is. So she begins to try and find people that she thinks can help her figure this out. She goes to the club called cyberia to find her friend who can help her out. She shows them the chip and they were all amazed that she had it, and suprised that she didnt know what it was. Judging by there reaction, the psyche must be something that is rare and hard to come by. It must be a powerful addition to her computer, and once she has it, I think that her computer will be the most powerful of them all.

    I think that lains parent have prior knowledge of the psyche and the wired overall. They dont usually say a lot of things within an episode but when they do say something it is valuable information, or something that leaves hints. When lain parents arent home that same night it was very strange, because they almost never leave the house! I am not sure why they werent home and I dont know if it had to do with the psyche or not. I believe that her dad is the m ost knowledgable about the psyche because he doesnt like to sasy much about it…. but maybe he is just trying to protect lain and his family.

    Another indentation that lains personality has really changed is the way that she is dressing and the way that she is acting in school. As well as the things that she is doing! The old lain would never go to a club and talk to all of those people to find out what she had, because she is too shy. She is also becoming more social in school and talking to her friends, before she was more of an introvert and kept to herself. She shocks her sister mika when she walks into her room and sees what lain is wearing. It was so revealing! the old lain would never be caught dead in those clothes, more of a fuzzy bear suit, not a sexy night gown. Her sister really didnt know what to say.

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