SEL Layer 2: Girls

Today, my Northlake students watched the second episode of Serial Experiments Lain, “Layer 2: Girls.” In this episode, Lain’s friends get her to go out to a club for the first time. Another character get’s high on a strange drug. This is one of my favorite episodes because we start to get an inkling that Lain is not who she seems to be whether she knows it or not. It is also interesting to see young girls striking out on their first grown-up excursions. It’s fun to think about your own first attempts at being grown-up. It is an exciting and sometimes scary time of life. Think about those ideas when you write your response. Students should look at the questions on at my website on the Thinking About page before replying to this post.

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  1. Chelsea Turri says:

    In this episode Juri, Reika, and Arisu go to a club. The girls claim they saw someone at the club who looked just like Lain. The girls tell Lain about this, and invite her to come to the club with them that night. This outing is significant because this is the first connection Lain is making with other people. I think this is somewhat a rite of passage. So far the only friend we know of, of Lain’s is Chisa, the girl who committed suicide. I think Arisu has a soft spot for Lain. She says she “feels sorry for Lain”, but I think in reality she does like her. I think it’s interesting that Lain’s first outing with friends is at a club. So far we’ve seen a very innocent side of Lain. The stuffed animals in her window, her bear pajamas, her children’s computer, are all signs of Lain’s innocence. A club is somewhere adults go, and do adult things. My first experience at a club was pretty wild, I barely remember the night. My brand new heels were scuffed and covered in mud, my hair had throw up in it, and the next day I kept getting random texts saying “remember me?”

    I think these days people take drugs cause being sober just isn’t enough fun anymore. When you go to the club time after time after time, or party every day, all of a sudden, being there, just isn’t enough. For most people, they have to be drunk, high, or on something to really enjoy where they are at. The guy in the show looked like he was having a lousy time. He was sitting all alone in a booth at the club. I think he took the drug to get some excitement, and that he did. I was very confused about his reaction to Lain. I don’t understand why he was so threatened, and scared of her. I believe Lain doesn’t know about this alter ego that she has. I believe ’innocent Lain’ probably won’t even remember what happened the night before at the club. I’ve never done drugs, but I’ve seen people I was once close to get into them. I always promised myself I would never do drugs, and to this day I’ve never had even a slight interest in trying any.

    In real life random violence is almost never random. A lot of violence is caused by a person who is angry about something, and using an unnatural substance (alcohol, drugs, etc.) I think the drug Accela motivates the boy to kill other people, but what motivated the boy to kill himself was seeing Lain. When Lain saw this man on the floor in the club, she didn’t hesitate at all. She was confident and spoke to him, which is the opposite of the innocent Lain we’ve seen so far.

  2. Shankar says:

    Juri , Reika and Arisu go to club because they want to prove that they are grown ups. When they see Lain in casual plain dress, they say that she does not know how to dress up for the clubbing and she still looks like a child. It was the first time that Lain tried to socialize with her friends.
    The first time i went to the club was in 2005. when I entered in the club with the friends I saw the lights flashing here and there and the people were drinking and dancing and enjoying in their own way. We bought some beer starting drinking and dancing until 2 am. I am not a big drinker so , I remember each and every thing that happened on that night of December 2005. it was fun and I really enjoyed it.
    Drug use among the teenagers and the adults is a burning problem of the entire world. They use drugs for various reasons. Some use because of peer pressure and some use in order to escape from the pain and depression of their lives.In the movie, the boy takes Accela that accelerates his mind for 24 hours and he does not know what he is doing and is supposed to do. As a result, he shoots the people at the club and shoots himself at last when he encounters the Lain. The reason is still unclear why he shots himself .
    Violence is growing like a mushroom in this modern sophisticated world. The main reason for violence is the feeling of revenge and abuse of drugs and alcohol. when the people are under the influence of drugs, they can’t separate what is right and what is wrong. So they happen to do whatever comes in their mind.When they become sober they feel sorry for what they have done , but its too late for sorry. They deteriorate their life for no reason. It is the best way to be a sober in order to maintain a healthy life and stay out of trouble.
    Doppelganger means a ghostly counter part of a living person. In the movie, Lain is haunted by doppelganger. She sees the strange images and hears unusual voices that nobody hears. She encounters the image of the Chisa which is not real. She feels the images of person that passes through her body and disappears in no time. She does not know what’s going on in her real life. She seems confused, terrified and preoccupied by the death and rumors of receiving email from Chisa

  3. Shairyar Natha says:

    Juri, Reika, and Arisu take Lain with them cause they want to make sure that the girl they saw the first time they visited the club was not Lain. From what it seems in the start, it looks like Lain has never been to that club. It holds a lot of importance to clear out some mysteries about Lain. It seems like she has some connection to the girl her friends saw at the club. They look similar and they both wear the same type of X shaped bow on their hair. So I think that it’s was a good thing for Lain to go to that club to find answers for the questions she is getting so far. It is a passage for her to truly reveal her inner power. In the end of the episode she becomes weird and I felt that she was the same girl that her friends saw. It seems like she has this other side that she does not know about which takes control without letting her know. She might also be possessed by the spirit of Chisa that was chatting with her in the first episode.I’m not sure what the truth is yet.
    I haven’t yet been to a club yet because of my underage issue. The only experience relevant to a club that I’ve had was in Pakistan for my graduation party arranged by my school. It had a dance floor and a disco ball and everything. It had a bar there but only non alcoholic beverages were being served. I loved the environment and danced like a freak.
    The reason why some people choose to take drugs that accelerate their abilities to do things is sometimes to get better in sports. For instance taking steroids to enhance their ability to be better at the sport they play. Some take drugs to feel relaxed and to get away from the real world which is full of stressful things. At first it seems like the boy wanted to take the drug because he was addicted to it. But later on it seems like he took it to get his mind off of the girl who looked like Lain. He was doing well in the start by standing in a corner not talking to anyone. But later on the side effects kick in and he all of a sudden becomes violent and kills three people inside the club. I think what he wanted to do was to be calm but the opposite happened which caused chaos in the club. It seems like he knew Lain somehow and he was afraid of her too. He shoots himself to get free from her. I think that the girl who looked like Lain in the starting of the episode has something to do with this but then again Lain acts weird when she comes near him which makes me think that Lain has a dark side that she does not have control over, which kicks in now and then but she does not remember what happens during that time.
    The boy kills three people inside the club and then shoots himself when Lain approaches him and says something. There is something that is yet to be revealed about this that the viewers are not aware of but I think that the boy has done something wrong to the look alike of Lain and is trying to get away from that wrong deed.
    A doppelganger is a duplicate of a person. They look alike but are two different people. It is possible that the girl we see in the beginning is Lain’s doppelganger but I don’t buy it because Lain seems to take care of the situation in the club by talking to the boy. It seems like it’s not Lain anymore. I think she has a personality disorder or a dual personality. In the starting we see a whole different behavior from a girl who looks like Lain and then we see Lain who acts as if she has never been to a club. It does seem like she has a doppelganger. I haven’t seen any of these movies so I wouldn’t know but I saw this TV show called Vampire Diaries with my girlfriend and in that show it was like a sacrifice had to be made to eliminate a certain curse that the vampires and werewolves were suffering from. The doppelganger looked exactly the same as the girl but was a vampire and more to the evil side.

  4. In response to Lain Episode 2 ..
    The 3 girls summon Lain to accompany them to Club Cyberia for in hopes of proving whether she was the girl they had seen their first trip, or not. They all seem to be at least a little skeptical, I cannot remember the first time I went to a club, but I’m sure I felt more grown up than I was, and also am sure I found myself exposed to avenues of entertainment, that had previously been deemed not for children. The girls seem to be looking to have a good time, and to do something that seems dangerous, and cool.
    …. At the club there is a guy who is not stable, and winds up shooting the club up, he is the same guy from the 3 girls initial trip to the club. He is high on a mind altering substance that seems to be comparable to extacy, though the film says it is not actually a drug, so we can’t be certain. People take mind altering substances for two reasons A.) To experience something that they haven’t felt before ie.) curiosity, see what the fuss is about. or B.) To experience an escape or vacation from their normally perceived reality. This guy was clearly looking for B.) as evidenced when he says “I just wanted to clear my head!!” Acts of violence like shooting a club up, or killing innocent bystanders can be attributed to many different things, but mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can definitely be a trigger, an isolated individual who is outcasted from society, and is an undiagnosed schizophrenic might find themselves alone, and creating their own reality, with it’s own rules. Psychoactive drugs such as weed, or the hallucinogenics that are eluded to in the film, have been shown to increase schizophrenic behavior, such was the case when the Arizona kid Jared Laughner , massacred several people in an attempt to assassinate Congresswoman Gafford earlier this year. The difference though with this film, and reality is that in the film, there is a parallel world that can be confirmed, and thus, while this guy is killing random people, and then turning the gun on himself, we can’t know what, or where he goes, or even make any rational sense of the ordeal with what we are working with. A Doppelganger is a paranormal double of a living person, and surprise surprise it is often found to be attributed to people with schizophrenia, the double is typically represented by evil, or misfortune. Lain seems to have one of these it is made more apparent when the 3 multi-colored apparitions walk by her in the hallway, followed by the ghastly representation which seems to be a reflection of her, when it walks through her.
    We can’t know exactly who Lain is just yet, but she was introduced as an introverted/shy type of girl, and the second episode has started to show her evolving into a main character who is not afraid to do things that maybe society is not fully aware that she is willing and capable to do. Lain seems to be misunderstood, and underestimated by her family, and counterparts.

  5. Justin Deborde says:

    The reason Juri, Reika, and Arisu first go to a club is because they feel that they’re mature enough. It’s a necessary event to experiencein order to mark your maturity, even though they were scared to go. While at the club, they realize either Lain, or a girl with a similiar appearance, is there among them. However, this girl has the complete opposite personality as the ‘original’ Lain. So they decide to invite her the next time around to see if it really is her.
    The club is called Cyberia. There are people that come here relucatantly to buy a popular thing called Accela. It’s not a drug, but it’s purchased like one. The use is to “feel accelerated”, which greatly speeds up your mind.
    While at the club, there is an incident. A guy that has taken Accela starts randomly shooting at people. The three girls that invited Lain, along with the entire club, frantically run to a safer place, but Lain remains standing still. It’s hard to tell whether she is tramatized or completely calm, but one thing is for sure: the gunman is looking straight at her.
    After she starts walking towards him and says something along the lines of “everywhere you go, we all always connected”, he shoots himself. I think that was Lain starting to piece things together and realize the Wired is where she needs to be. So she goes home and checks her mail, but Chisa didn’t say anything. This confuses Lain, until her sister tells her that Lain’s “imaginary friend” was here. After this, I’m starting to think that maybe Chisa has found a way to cross back into this world as a physical state.

  6. Segun Faleti says:

    Layer 02: Girls
    Juri, Reika, and Arisu invited Lain to the club to make sure she was not the same girl they saw the first time they went to the club. To me, it doesn’t look like Lain is a club type of person, so, I guess her friends are doubting if she was the one or not. I believe she went to the club to see for herself who the girl that look like her is. Lain is hanging out with other people for the first time to go clubbing which I think it’s weird for her but because her friends also want her to socialize herself with other people, she decided to go. I have only been to the club once, it was too crowded for me but I believe it was fun for lots of people because I saw them dancing, smoking, and drinking. The environment was not safe for me so I left.
    People take drugs for different reasons but most people take it to be stronger or to be more active in what they do. In this episode, the boy took the pill Accela maybe because he was lonely and he decided to get high. Even though his intention for taking the pill is not to harm people but unfortunately pills like that cannot be predicted when it side effect shows up. This character is telling us the possibilities of what can happen to people who take drug. I have never used any illegal drug and I don’t intend to because I have seen more negative effect on people who use it than the positive effect.
    People who committed crime or violence are mostly people who use drug; I believe these two things work together. When people get high due to the use of drugs, they can do anything without realizing what they are doing. Violence in club is not uncommon thing because the environment is mostly surrounding by people who can be dangerous. Lain’s reaction in the club after the gun shot was a little bit scary for me. I expect her to run for her life like every other person but to mine surprise, she did the exact opposite. I really don’t know why she did that but I think she might have some kind of power.
    Doppelganger is a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person. In this episode, I believe the girl in the first scene is not the original Lain but the Doppelganger. Her character is completely different from Lains.

  7. Joy says:

    Layer 02: Girls shows a different side of Lain’s character. While she is still very much of a shy outsider she also has a possible dark side.
    Juri, Reika, and Arisu invite Lain to a club to compare her to the girl they saw the previous night. These girls aren’t very close to Lain and seem to belittle her at every opportunity. Their curiosity between the look-a-likes is the only reason they practically beg her to meet them out. My first club experience was extremely different than Lain’s. I remember counting down the days till my 18th birthday so I could finally go out with my friends. It was everything I expected and more. The lights, music, dancing, and beautiful people everywhere was like an adrenaline rush. It was definitely a night to remember.

    People use substances for much different reason. Some are to ease pain, enhance performance, and as simple as an escape from reality. The boy at the club used the extremely powerful substance Accela, which is said not to be a drug but can alter your mind for up to 24 hours, to clear his head. Within seconds of him taking the machine-like capsule his pupils dilate and he begins foaming at the mouth. In my opinion anything that alters your mind or physical appearance that much is a drug.

    This episode doesn’t give a clear reason as to why the boy started shooting in the club, but an educated guess would be because of Accela. It seemed he was trying to pull himself together right after, and was almost coming to his senses until he saw Lain. For some reason the closer she got to him the more he freaked out. The only way he could escape his fear was to shoot himself also.

    Doppelganger is defined as a paranormal double of a living person typically representing evil or misfortune. It is also said they can be two places at one time. Lain may in fact have an evil doppelganger that was at the club while she was tucked away in her bed. At the same time, Lain never actually said she was at home either. Going on the idea she does have a doppelganger may explain the ghost/spirit passing through her in the hall. Accela boy had obviously met Lain, or her paranormal double in the past, which sort of explains his reaction.

    While the last episode showed wires in many scenes, this episode shows a lot of eye contact. Close ups on Lain, her father, and the boy at the club are obviously trying to imply something but I cant figure it out. Hopefully the next episode will shed a little more light on this confusing series.

  8. Antonio Johnson says:

    Cyberia seems like a place where people go to connect. Considering “connection” is a big theme in the anime I think this place is important aspect of the anime. People go to interact with others, whether its to talk, dance, or get something like accela. It could also possibly be a right of passage for the girls. The girls are growing up, and one of the girls admits to working up her nerves to go to a club, a scene where it’s mostly adults and young adults. Also at the beginning, although the speaker is unknown, someone says “I don’t come here because I want to,” as if it he/she had to or it was a requirement of some sort. Personally, my first club experience was amazing. I loved the loud music, dancing, and energy, and I will admit that I felt like a little grown my first time. People take drugs for many reasons. Disregarding the influence of others, it can provide an escape, a different way to experience life, or it enables you to sense something in a way that’s not possible in the “normal world.” Toward the end of the anime the man says that he just wanted to “clear his head,” so it would seem that was his reason for taking accela. Judging by his reaction after seeing Lain for the second time I think he may have somehow connected with the wired, and thinks that Lain has been controlling him. After he saw Lain for the first time someone says “hurry up, come with me,” which makes me believe that he entered into something (maybe the wired), but regretted it. Actually now that I think about it, he could have killed those people in the club because someone told him to. By doing this the people he killed could have entered the wired. Afterwards, when he sees Lain, the person he believes has been controlling him, he tells her he doesn’t want to be part of what I believe could be a plan to bring people to the wired, and states that “the wired can’t be allowed to interfere with the real world.” I do have a decent amount of experience with drugs, and can understand why people take them, but I had my own reasons to why I took them. I just think its bad when they’re abused. Feelings of hopelessness, anger, and anxiety can be the cause of random violence. I don’t believe the killings he committed are random, but I do think he killed himself because he felt hopeless and not under control of his own actions; hints him saying “why are you making me do this… I don’t want anything to do with it.” By placing this act of violence in a club scene, it sends the message the effects of the wired is more powerful with a larger density of people, but even when someone wants to leave, “no matter where they go,” they will still be connected to “everyone.” Lain’s reaction to all of this shows that she has another side to her which may have a greater knowledge of the wired and on what’s going on. I believe Lain does have a doppelganger. The fact that she is seen in places where she doesn’t remember being is kind of a give away. I think the real mystery is whether they are the same person or not. A doppelganger in most literature is usually the complete opposite of the original character. In this story Juri, Reika, and Arisu see Lain’s doppelganger, which they describe as Lain’s “total opposite,” and it looks like this motif will be used similarly to those of other works of literature.

  9. jessica zavala says:

    This episode bring a different thought to me about the person that Lain is. She still seems like her normal shy way, but then there is also a weird odd view that i am starting to get about her… The girls from school invite Lain out with them to the club becaus ethey want to compare Lain with the girl that they saw out at the club the night before. The girl that they saw had alot of similar looks of Lain and they want to see them by side. These girls are not trying to be friends with Lain at all. they just think that this weird and want to see it again. My first expeirience at a club was not like Lains, i was so excited to finally be able to go out with my older cousins, and sister. I was way to excited that i didnt really know what to expect, but it was a night that i will always look back at and remember.
    People take mind altering drugs to give them a different perspective on things, or even life in general. they get tired, or bored of the way things are going so they feel they need to change it up, and to some its just easier changing the way you do things is by taking drugs. Some people take drugs that make them feel real jiottery and that make them feel like they have to be on the go at all times to make them have a more fun lifestyle. they get addicted and just cant let go. i was kind of confused by the guys reaction to lain.. maybe he thought about this other girl that has quite a resemblance to lain. maybe he knows her, and he was trying to see if lain was her.
    In real life this kind of sshooting could have been caused by many different things, first of all drugs could be in the way of them thinking before taking actions, angriness, depression, they could just want the attention, or even just the fact of the adrenaline rush that they will get from doing something so “bad” or dangerous. I think that he may have donr it because of the drug that he took in the beginning of the episode, maybe the accleration of the pill made him feel like he should do something crazy. the guy seemed to be getting better until he saw lain, something about her just makes him scared.. Lain walks toward the guy instead of just leaving like everyone else, and that was out of character.
    Doppelganger is defined as a paranormal double of a living person typically representing evil or misfortune. It is also said they can be two places at one time. Lain may have a doppelganger that is causing others to see a bad side of her, like the guy at the club. he looked at lain oddly. to everyone else lain was at home when this other girl was out and she looks just like lain.
    Lains character is certainly changing because in the first episode she is this super shy and in this one she is starting to show a side that we havent seen.

  10. This episode shows a lot of lains dark side. All of lains friends invite her to the club because they think that they saw her at the club the night before but they arent sure, which is why they invited her out again. when they saw the other version of lain, she was wearing completely different clothes and just looked like an overall different person, however she had the same face. They wanted to see if they bumped into the same person that they thought was lain, with lain there so that they could compare the two. However when they went to the club with lain, the person that they thought was her before, wasnt there which really made them think.

    I think that people take this crazy drug to open up their mind to the world of the wired. Maybe they think that when they take this drug they will have a different perspective of things. That night when she went to the club with her friends a shoot out occured, a young teen age boy appeared to be high off of the drug. Instead of runnign out like everyone else as he was going crazy, lain walks closer to him, which was strange. It appeared as though she already knew what was going on. It is very strange that lain has the ability to be in two places at the same time, im not sure if she is aware of it, but everyone else definately is. Lains personality has definately changed from who she used to be.

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