New Term, New Goals

Well, it’s the start of another semester. So far, it seems pretty good. The students seem to be really engaged, which is good. I have lately been less tolerant of students who do not want to be in school. This is college, after all. You do not have to be here, so why take it out on me? However, this semester I have not gotten that vibe from my students, so I feel positive about their progress. I hope it lasts!

One of my 1301 classes is taking a hero’s journey quest this term. I have used this quest assignment in other classes. Last term, I decided to take a quest with them. My quest was to post on my blog every day. Well, as you can see from checking the history, that didn’t work out too well. I was really excited about doing it, but couldn’t keep it up. This semester, I am going to try again. I won’t try to post every day, though. This time I will try the Postaweek challenge–baby steps, you know. I hope that turns out better. I should be more motivated to post, because my students at Northlake college will be responding to certain of my blog posts as one of their assignments. However, I am NOT going to count what I post as their assignment as my post for the week. I will have to come up with an original post for that one.

I do feel bad for not succeeding last semester. I even made goals for myself over the summer that I did not complete. Well, this time I’m going to do it. Onward and upward!

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