Valentines Day!

Ok, so I skipped writing on Valentines day. Sue me. It was great, though! Lots of people have hard time on Valentines day. They struggle to get the right gifts, to spend the right amount of money, to buy the right card, or to book the right restaurant. I didn’t want to go through that. Early in our relationship, I told my husband how Valentines day (and our anniversary for that matter) was going to be. He is to go out and buy roses, a chocolate heart, and a teddy bear. I will make a nice dinner or plan a restaurant. After that, we will have our romantic time. That’s it. No changes. No fancy gifts. No trouble. Sure, it’s the same thing every year. But I love it! That’s what I want! No stress. If we don’t go out, the dinner, too, has become somewhat of a tradition. It started out as salmon, but now it is shark steak, forbidden rice, steamed artichoke, with a shrimp cocktail appetizer, and chocolate cake dessert. This year, they were out of forbidden rice, so we had wild rice instead. We also had a baguette on the side. Very nice. I was also glad that all of the dishes turned out perfectly. This year, I also made chocolate dipped strawberries. They were great and easy to do, too! A friend of mine told me that the meal sounded expensive, but it couldn’t be worse than going out. I mean, If I were to get that meal at a restaurant, I am sure I would not be able to afford it. Anyway, even though we both had to work late and ended up having our Valentines dinner at somewhere around 11pm, it was a great night.

I hope you had a great night too!

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