Catching Wind of an Excuse


Kaze no Stigma


Well, I’ve done it again. I have missed another day on my Post-a-day challenge. I’ll try to post twice today to make up for it. I have a great excuse today, though–or rather, yesterday. I was just sitting around minding my own business when a really cute guy who can control the wind and an annoying pink-haired girl who can control fire wrestled me to the ground and forced me to watch Kaze no Stigma all evening long. The anime is a cute hero story/romance about magical families, the battles between them, the struggle for power, and young love. While none of this is new for an anime, I found the execution of this particular tale to be quite good. Now, I watched this via Netflix streaming video, so I did not get to watch it in Japanese (much to my dismay, because I usually hate dubs). However, Kaze no Stigma was brought to us (the U.S.) by Funimation, and they have a good reputation for turning out decent dub jobs. This is no exception. The acting was good. The direction seems to be competent. You don’t run into problems that you do in some anime in which you wonder if the people doing the dubs even watched the show before they did it. Now, I haven’t seen the Japanese, so I could be wrong, but it looks good so far. The characters are a bit cliché as far as anime goes: stoic but compassionate hero with a troubled past; energetic heroine with lots to prove and a crush on the hero; fathers who alternately provide calls to action or act as blocking characters; and an assortment of meddling friends, troublesome enemies, and vicious monsters. Regardless, the show provides everything we want in an anime. It is a well-balanced mixture of action, humor, romance, and pathos with the requisite panty shot thrown in for good measure. Sure it’s not the most original show on the block, but they pulled out that old recipe book and served up one of our favorite dishes just the way we like it.


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  1. blinky75 says:

    I did it again! That’s it. No more whining about missing a day. I’m just going to press forward from now on.

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