Settling in after the move…

So I was just sitting around minding my own business, when MSN told me that they were closing yet another of their services that I had been using and that I had to move my stuff (again) to some other service with whom they had “partnered.” The first time this happened was with MSN groups. I used to have a lot of MSN groups. I had personal groups, family groups, groups I used with students. I had been using them for years and posted LOTS of writing, handouts, and photos there. But regardless of my usage and regardless of the fact that I usually had my students use my sites as well, they canned their groups service and made us all move to Multiply. At first I felt betrayed. What if I didn’t like Multiply? But they made the transition easy, and I followed the procedure to “migrate” to Multiply. I figured it would be just as good, right? WRONG. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with Multiply…except that it doesn’t really have groups–at least not in the way MSN had groups. MSN groups had pages and message boards. Multiply was a blog format. So the “migration” took all pages and messages and turned them into individual blog entries. Threads were lost. Page hierarchies were lost. Most importantly, much data was lost. And worse, there is no way to search amongst all of these new “blog” entries other than scrolling through page after page. For that matter, the delete post function doesn’t work well. The groups were effectively destroyed.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that MSN, or as they were now known, MSN Live Spaces was shutting down and my little blog page had to move. Geez. What now? Is it really that hard to keep a blog space going? But what choice did I have? I am at the mercy of the whims of free internet services.  So I followed their instructions, packed my little blog bags and headed off to my new home, here at WordPress.

Unlike the experience with Multiply, the move to WordPress has been great! I like the layout, and I am inspired anew to do some blogging. I know, I know. I’m inspired to blog every third Wednesday, but I never do it. Well, we’ll just see about that. But anyway, I’m here now, and I like it. And for the moment, I’ll forgive MSN–as long as they don’t start looking funny at Hotmail.

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