Indigo Blues

The other day, I found myself having coffee with my friends D___ and L____.  They were joined by some people I didn’t know, one of whom was one of those New Age types. He talked about mystical visions and cosmic vibrations, to steal a phrase from Ginsberg. I typically don’t pass judgment on such things. After all, anything could happen, but I guess I do fall on the more skeptical side of the fence. After a time, he started talking about “indigo children” or “star children”.  If you haven’t been keeping up, these are kids who are being born with an aura that glows more indigo than any other color. They are supposed to have mystical powers of perception that cause them to fail to integrate well with other children and society. They are supposedly sensitive to all kinds of things and will one day change the way the world works altogether. I have no idea how. I think it’s one of those things that for those who know, no explanation is necessary and for those who don’t, no explanation is possible.  Anyway this wasn’t the first time I had heard of “indigo children”. CNN did a whole story about these mysterious children who are so sensitive to the world that they must be pulled out of normal schools and kept in special circumstances that allow their special powers to develop.  They interviewed some of the kids, and Anderson Cooper had a woman take a picture of him with a camera that was supposed to show his aura, which she then interpreted for him. Interestingly, she would not discuss in any detail how the camera worked. 
After that conversation, I went home and did some searches for indigo children and star children. I found lots of things, but the best site I found was this one which had a list of characteristics of indigo children. Oddly enough, you can apply those characteristics to any child. How convenient. Then I found this page from the same site which claims that you might be an adult indigo, and gives a checklist of characteristics. Check it out. I read that list. I have 23 of 25 factors. I’m an Adult Indigo!!! I knew there was something different and special about me. ((((((ME))))) OK. Let’s see. What should I do with this newfound information? Well, they suggest that I buy books, attend seminars, go to conventions, etc. Ahh…so now that I know that I’m so special, I should spend money to learn more about my specialness, and I should register for events that celebrate my specialness where I can meet other special people who are happy to be so special. Right.  Suddenly, my wallet feels mighty ordinary.
Another fun site I found here discussed the “indigo” phenomenon and referenced an article that appeared in the Dallas Observer about these special and unique kids. The interviewer asked the kid about being an indigo, and the kid told him that he was an Avatar. He had the power to bend earth, air, fire, and water. The interviewer was really impressed with all of this until readers wrote in to inform him and the editors that the Avatar in question was a TV show on Nickelodeon.
Maybe there are special kids with special powers, and maybe they will one day take over the world. Maybe I’m really one too! But until I start growing antennae or using telekinesis, I think I’ll just keep my day job.

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  1. Vincent says:

    I am in your poptarts stealing their indigo!!!!
    <img src=""&gt;

  2. Vincent says:

    Grr.. well sorry for messing up these comments, Windows live sucks !!!   They wont let me edit them!!

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