Yoshiki was the drummer, keyboardist, and composer for the band X Japan. I first saw  X Japan in the J-Pop room at a con. They were playing music videos and live concert footage, and I happened to peek in  at a highly melodramatic performance of their song "Endless Rain." I wondered, "what’s all this about?"  An internet search for music turned up the offending song and many others, but among those, the name Yoshiki began to pop up on its own quite a bit. I also saw him unexpectedly on the International Channel (now AZN on Comcast cable). I procured a few of these and found that many of them were dramatic piano inspired instrumentals. You must know that I have a soft spot for piano as I spent so many years playing. So it seems that after X Japan, Yoshiki has spent a lot of time composing some lovely pieces.
Some favorite Yoshiki (X Japan) songs: Amethyst, Goodbye, Last Song, Endless Rain, White Poem

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