Mun Chairudo

So, Gackt and Hyde starred in a movie in 2003 called Moon Child (or Mun Chairudo). Its about a poor kid and a poor vampire ( ! ) in a futuristic Taiwan who work their way up the ladder of gangland. You’re saying to yourself: "and I should care about a movie starring two j-pop stars with a stupid plot that is doomed to failure WHY?" You should care for the same reason I do. Just look at those movie posters. Could they BE any more PRETTY? I mean honestly. 
The reviews for the movie are NOT good. Rotten Tomatoes has 4 professional reviews listed, and three of them are rotten. The viewer reviews are positive, but I note that the first one comments "Hyde is so beautiful." QED. The others give it good reviews for the most part, so between beauty and positive view reviews, I consider this film a go. Will report back with the verdict after viewing.
Over and out.

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  1. Candace says:

    Your right, Hyde Gackt are pretty.  But not as beautiful as Terry Gross.  Nice blog, and eye candy.  See you around, haphazardly.  By the way, I dont think Rodgers and Hammerstein would mind sharing their favorite things with you.  They were nice guys, plus they\’re dead.

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