I first saw Gackt Camui on the Japanese pop music show "Hey Hey Hey Music Champ" a few years ago–several years ago? Whatever.
Anyway,  I thought…who is this mysterious young man? (–or maybe it was "kawaii!!!!!!"  that i thought.)  I searched for his music online and ended up with a few songs. I enjoyed his vocal style, and I liked his look. Some of the songs were *ahem* a bit cheezy, but its j-pop (j-rock): whaddya expect? Don’t let that turn you off, though. Tsuki no Uta is a beautiful song. Looking for information about him, I found a lot of wacky sites but one had what was probably the most accurate statement about him that I had seen so far. It was the headline on a magazine cover featuring him and it read: "Gackt: The man who is extremely elegant."  RIGHT. That’s all I needed to know. 
Some favorite Gackt songs: Vanilla (unplugged version), Mizerable, Maria, Tsuki no Uta

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