Health and Insurance

It was like this:  Don was supposed to go in today for a surgery on his Achilles tendon. It was just an outpatient surgery, and we don’t have any health insurance, so I figured that we could come up with a payment arrangement with the surgery center. I could not have been more wrong. They wanted the full payment up front. I was surprised. But should I have been? What made me think that they would be reasonable with me. Did I think it would happen just because that is what I would do? Well, I don’t know what I thought, but the surgery had to be cancelled, and we are now searching for a place that will make some accommodations for us. For a long time, I sat around feeling sorry for myself (because if you don’t feel sorry for your self, who is going to feel sorry for you?). If only we had been well off enough to afford health insurance, if only congress had passed that bill they had some time ago that would have made it easier for small businesses to get group health coverage, if only I had gone to medical school like my mother wanted me to, we wouldn’t be in this position. However, when I went to look at major medical insurance plans, I was in for some good news and bad news. The good news is that it is not completely my fault because of the bad news: looking at the plans we might possibly have purchased, even if we had had  medical insurance, this injury would not have been covered because the cost of it would fall within our deductible. We would STILL be stuck out! This is why so many people end up going to public hospitals or running up credit card debt to pay their medical bills, all of which drives up the cost of health care. When basic insurance is useless and medical facilities refuse to work with people, we have to admit that the system is on a downward spiral. People just don’t see it because they are dazzled by the flashy science and ads for Phillips ambient MRIs. We have the best medical facilities in the world, and at the rate we’re going,  they will either operate perpetually in the red or they will only be seen by the wealthy.  


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